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Rock the "Game of Thrones" Hairstyle With This Khaleesi Braid Tutorial

She is the Queen of Meereen and Empress of killer braids — bottom line, no one conquers the hair game quite like Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). In honor of the final season, I decided to create a Khaleesi inspired ‘do that's perfect for lounging around the castle or the beach. The Mother of Dragons' hair is always on-point, and with these two-tiered French braids, you'll be rockin' her go-to style for slayage!

This New Blush Changes Textures After You Apply It

I am officially all about no-makeup makeup. It's won me over thanks to its quick routine and has been my go-to look all summer. I've found that cream-based products are key, because they melt right into your skin, giving you a completely natural vibe you just can't achieve with powders. The Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Melting Powder Blush ($30), which is part of the Peaches and Cream Collection, is the best of both worlds.

9 Bohemian Wedding Hair Accessories from Etsy for Your Entire Bridal Party

When it comes to finding the right look for your bridal party, there are so many factors to consider. From what dresses flatter which body type to which color suits each complexion, the struggle is real for boho brides that want to deck out their crew. Enter Etsy, your one-stop shop for all things uniquely bohemian.

How One Woman Is Trying to Help Close the Digital Divide in America

Ladies First highlights women and girls who are making the world better for the rest of us. Public education in America has many fundamental inequalities, many of which were highlighted when Betsy DeVos became the US Secretary of Education in February. Without a Net: The Digital Divide In America is a new documentary from Oscar-nominated director Rory Kennedy that looks at one of the major disparities in American schools — internet and technology access — and with it, the importance for the coun


Morning Buzz: Anna Faris Offers Relationship Advice Amid Her Split from Chris Pratt + More

Anna Faris is offering up relationship advice and Taylor Swift is making good on her promise in this morning's top news stories. Check out those and more below in the Thursday Morning Buzz. 1. Anna Faris's relationship advice following her split from Chris Pratt is heartbreaking — but also empowering.

Here's What Star Mandy Moore Would Like to See Happen in Princess Diaries 3

It's hard to believe that this weekend marks the 16th anniversary of the first Princess Diaries. While plenty has changed over the years — like the fact that the film's star, Anne Hathaway, is now a mother and Oscar-winner, and beloved director Garry Marshall has passed away — we're as eager as ever to catch up with Princess Mia and her (fictional) kingdom of Genovia.

Fewer People Are Getting Engaged This Year, Thanks to the Election

If you feel like you haven't spotted an engagement announcement on Facebook or Instagram in a minute, that's not just your imagination. The winter holidays and the summer season are typically when jewelers are dishing out diamond rings left and right. But so far this year, sales have been struggling.

Prince George's Favorite Movie Is This Disney Classic

Prince George may be busy at school these days, but when he's at home with his mom, dad, and sister, the young royal likes to relax in front of the TV (although his parents try to limit his screen time). And one of his very favorite things to pop on is a Disney classic that has some interesting parallels to his own life.


Style, According to StylebyAda of No Ordinary She

Between their Insta-perfect #OOTDs and omg-inducing red carpet ensembles, celebs serve up an endless supply of style inspiration on the regular. The designer duds and impeccably put-together looks are nothing short of #goals, but the glitz and glamour factor can make them feel a little out of reach for the average working girl (because #adulting).

Everything You Need from the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo Collab

Since last fall, Olivia Palermo has been partnering with Banana Republic as the style ambassador, editing down her favorite picks from the store for shoppers like you. Well, it was only a matter of time before the two joined forces giving us just a bit more OP. Enter: Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo — a 70-piece capsule collection, which ranges from $48 for accessories to $998 for leather outerwear.

These Are the 9 Memorial Day Sales You Need to Shop NOW

Memorial Day tends to conjure images of heavenly BBQs with tricked-out grilling gadgets and (weather permitting — oh please, oh please, oh please!) pool party fun. But for the savvy shoppers among us, there's one more major reason to celebrate the kickoff of summer: THE SALES! Nearly every major brand you love is likely offering some kind of discount this weekend, giving us every excuse in the book to shop to our heart's content for the fierce new summer wardrobe of our dreams.

Victoria's Secret Is Introducing Its Most High-Fashion Collab Yet

Anytime a high-end fashion designer decides to collab with a brand we can actually afford, insanity usually ensues (read these six stories from the H&M x Balmain days for proof). Our go-to lingerie brand, Victoria's Secret, has just announced its OWN wallet-friendly collection with the design house helmed by Olivier Rousteing.


14 Drip Cake Recipes That Look As Good As They Taste

No one needs to twist anyone's arm to get them to eat more cake, amiright? But if you're looking for a dessert that's also part spectacle, a girl's gotta aim high. From DIY watercolor cakes to rustic naked cakes to cute peekaboo cakes, there are so many amazing designs out there. Enter the very latest trend: drip wedding cakes.

4 Ultimate Camping Recipes You Need to Make!

There are few things in life that make us feel more nostalgic than camping. The smell of campfire, sleeping under the stars, and time spent distraction free with family and friends? Sign us up! One of the best parts of slower camp mornings, days, and nights is getting to cook up some seriously tasty eats.

Tim Horton's Is Selling Poutine Donuts for Canada Day and We Have Questions

Canada is known for many things. Their hunky Prime Minister, Drake, Celiné Dion, and of course, its very unique drunk food, poutine. This mix of fries, cheese, and gravy was invented in French-speaking Quebec, but has since become a national dish. In honor of the country's national celebration of Canada Day on July 1, Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons is mixing the standby up a bit with plans to sell a — get this — poutine donut .

Life Is Peachy: These 15 Grilled Peach Recipes Will Prove It

With the excitement of peach season being at its peak comes the realization that summer is coming to an end. There's only one thing to do in the face of this sad truth: EAT ALL THE PEACHES! First, treat yourself to the experience of sinking your teeth into a few ripe ones and letting the juice dribble down your chin.


Here's Why 18 States and Washington DC Are Suing Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Protections

Since taking office as Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos has been at the center of a few controversies. Most recently, it has been over her freezing of Obama-era regulations that limit for-profit schools. DeVos' recent announcement that she would be freezing regulations aimed at for-profit colleges prompted student advocacy groups to take action, and now, a group of attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia is suing the entire Department of Education.

Women Are Wrestling With the Next Steps in Our So-Called "Sexual Harassment Reckoning"

If the avalanche of high profile sexual harassment and assault allegations unleashed by the Weinstein revelations and the #MeToo movement has taught us one thing, it's that things need to change — and it would seem that a societal shift is indeed taking place. But when the punishment for an alleged sexual harassment falls outside the parameters defined by the legal justice system — as it most often does — and is instead meted out in career loss, public shaming, and social ostracization, it's har

That Stephen Colbert Joke About the President Was Actually Homophobic

Stephen Colbert has been known to sometimes be a little over the top with his humor. While his run on The Late Show has been pretty tame, sometimes the comedian goes a little further than expected with his jokes. While it's no secret that Colbert (like some) is not a fan of the President, a joke he made earlier this week was not only unfunny; it was downright homophobic.

Louis C.K to Buy Back the Rights to I Love You, Daddy for $5 million

Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. will buy back the rights to his film I Love You, Daddy for $5 million, reports Deadline. Back in September, distribution company The Orchard purchased distribution rights to the film for $5 million after it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Deadline reports C.


How to Build Your Own Parenting Tribe

Hillary Clinton (and anyone who has raised a child) was right: It does indeed take a village to raise a child. If you don't have a supportive group at the ready to embrace, utilize, and to beg for last-minute babysitting, you know what you gotta do? Make your own village. It takes time, but the support and empathy you'll get from your new parent-based community is worth the effort.

8 Sweet Halloween Treats Your Kids Can Help Make

It's almost Halloween, and you have two things on your mind. To start with, you're trying to Pinterest your way to a totally DIY costume for your kiddo. And then, there are the treats. Not the bulk candy that you buy in those pillowcase-sized bags (but those are nice too) — we're talking about Halloween desserts that you whip up in the kitchen.

6 Nostalgia-Packed Movies That Your Kids Need to See

Ah, nostalgia. It's that old friend who gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, taking you away from everyday adult life, like answering work emails, changing dirty diapers and doing tons of laundry (where does it all come from?). You can find it in old photos, an origami-esque folded note from your middle school BFF or a classic flick that reminds you of a very specific time and place.

You Won't Believe the Cost of Raising a Kid in the US Now

Babies aren't cheap…but you already knew that. What with the shabby chic (and perfectly pricey) modern crib that you absolutely need, the mountain of onesies and all the other essentials you filled in from your baby registry, even outfitting your nursery on a budget has already used up part of your savings on the new kid.


8 Hacks to Hide The Fact That You Pulled An All-Nighter

Even on the nights you do everything right — go to bed early, turn your phone off, sleep on lavender-scented pillows — it's hard to make sure you're getting enough beauty sleep. And if you stayed up all night to hit a deadline (or the bottle), chances are the sleep deprivation is going to show. If you can't grab a power nap at work, try some of these tricks to give yourself an energy boost and fake a well-rested look.

The 10 Most Life-Changing Apps of 2016

To say it's been an interesting year for Apple would be a huge understatement. Not only did people freak out over the iPhone 7 losing the headphone jack, but now the new Macbooks are having battery problems too. So when it came time to write their annual "Best Of" lists for 2016 (including music, podcasts, movies and apps), the Apple editorial team definitely decided to play it low key.

Jessica Biel Uses an $18 a Month Yoga App to Stay Fit and So Can You

Jessica Biel's face is everywhere lately for her return to TV in USA Network's much-anticipated thriller The Sinner. Between promoting her new show, running her family friendly restaurant Au Fudge, and also being mom to her two-year-old son Silas, Biel needs a fitness regimen that's as flexible as she is.

This SF Sommelier Turned Her Summer Jobs into a Wine Career

Whether you've just landed your dream job by browsing Pinterest, are in the middle of making a major career switch or are searching for a part-time job as a college student, getting an insider-y glimpse into another woman's work life is fascinating, kinda like the career equivalent of sneaking a peek in their medicine cabinet.


Get the Look of Lea Michele's Casual Chic LA Home

When Lea Michele isn't filming her spooky show Scream Queens, she's escaping the Hollywood chaos in her own private sanctuary tucked away in West LA. The actress only recently bought the four-bedroom house, but she's already transformed it into the perfect retreat to recover and recharge. Lea loves being in nature, and her home is an oasis for a busy actress, and pretty much anyone else who loves casual and calming design.

12 Genius Ways to Create a Space-Saving Book Nook

As any book lover knows, it doesn't take long for bookshelves to start overflowing, which makes small space living a mighty big challenge for the passionate bibliophile. If you're currently living this struggle, rest assured that you're not alone. And thank goodness for that, because others just like you have come up with a bevy of ingenious storage solutions for even the smallest of book nooks.

The Easiest DIY to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

The transition into fall gives you the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe and add some new accessories to your home. So if you've already added new fall layering pieces to your closet, now it's time to get the rest of your house up to snuff for the season. Pom pom duvet, fall scented candle and gorgeous flower displays give us a lot to be excited about, but you know when we talk about fall and chilly weather there's nothing more important than a warm and cozy space.

These Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes Can Be Used on Your Counters… and Your Body

Want to green up your cleanup game? The new Ode to Clean wipes are here for you. We wouldn't dare promise that they'll suddenly make you fall in love with your chores, but they will make getting the job done easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly than ever. Read on to find out more about how this new product will change the way you clean.


6 Smart Negotiation Strategies Every Woman Should Know

There are tons of career skills you can learn now that will be useful throughout all your years working, and negotiation is definitely one of them. Whether you're negotiating your starting salary or a raise, or setting up a deal on behalf of your company or client at work, you should be able to advocate for yourself in a variety of settings like the badass that you are.

Here's What Went Down at Our First-Ever Maker B-School

As our Re:Make conference-goers can attest, there's really nothing like being in the company of fellow makers. Small-scale artisans make our world go round, and we'll take every chance we can get to celebrate them! That's why we teamed up with Blurb to put on our first-ever Maker B-School, a night filled with inspiring makers, tasty (and photogenic!

Facebook's Most-Common #firstsevenjobs Prove Even Astronauts Start Somewhere

Last year, Marian Call, an Alaskan singer-songwriter, asked people to list their #firstsevenjobs as inspiration for a new song she was working on. The hashtag quickly caught on — because everyone loves an origin story — and soon, everyone from celebs to CEOs were joining in on the fun. We learned Buzz Aldrin washed dishes, Lin-Manuel Miranda made slushees, Maria Shriver shucked oysters and Sheryl Sandberg babysat and got fired…twice.

How One #Girlboss Went from Being Laid Off to Her Own CEO

We're all on the hunt for a girls' night out or first date idea that will seriously wow our gal pals or potential significant others, because honestly, dinner out and viewing parties of The Bachelor can get a little old. Well, one #girlboss is providing us all with an ideal night out with her company, Wine & Design.