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15 Old School Hair Hacks That Still Make Waves in 2017

ICYMI, 2017's top fashion trends included a few can't-miss tributes to grandmotherly style: Victorian collars, couch-y floral prints, and lace that says "doily" more than "boudoir," to name a few. We may not adore all the fashion throwbacks, but the old-school beauty hacks have been fabulously spot-on.

8 Major K-Beauty Finds That We Scored on Amazon

Staying on top of the K-beauty trend is an exercise in patience and googling. But we're here to tell you it doesn't have to be so complicated. Thanks to Amazon and its impressive inventory of makeup and skin care finds, you can start a K-beauty collection as fast as you can click. We scoped out the best and cutest products from major Eastern brands (because who doesn't love to pull out an adorbs bunny spray from their tote?

How a $9 Mascara Gave Me the Long, Thick Lashes of My Dreams

I am absolutely obsessed with all things eyelashes. I've tried enhancing serums, heated curlers, and even had my lashes dyed and permed. Mascara is always the final step in my routine that seals in those long, curled lashes I worked so hard to achieve, but it can take forever to find my just-right formula.

The Easiest Way to Hack Summer's Most Popular Haircut

Ladies! Summer is quickly approaching, and the warmer the weather gets, the shorter everyone's hair seems to go along with it. The bob and lob hairstyle is quickly becoming a classic hairstyle, coming back season after season as a top trending cut. Problem is, not everyone wants to commit to a major chop.


Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Reunited at the InStyle Awards and Fans Are So Happy

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato first met as child actors, becoming not only costars but best friends on the kids' show Barney & Friends. They've grown apart since then, though, and while they still occasionally send social media support to each other, they haven't spent much time together IRL. That changed on Monday, October 23, when they reunited and were photographed together for the first time in YEARS.

Lauren Graham Has Some Bad News for Gilmore Girls Fans

Gilmore Girls fans are some of the most loyal and obsessive fans around. With the success of Netflix's reboot, A Year in the Life, fans were treated to a follow-up to their favorite show years later. At the end of the mini-series, fans obviously wanted more, but Lauren Graham admitted in a new interview that Gilmore Girls' time may be well and truly over.

La La Land's Damien Chazelle and Olivia Hamilton Are Engaged — See Her Ring!

It's an exciting time for La La Land director Damien Chazelle. Not only is he creating a new musical for Netflix, but he also just got engaged to actress Olivia Hamilton. Hamilton — who played Bree (AKA Gluten-Free Girl), an annoyed customer in the cafe where Emma Stone's character worked in the beginning of the award-winning film — took to Instagram today to share the happy news with her fans and followers, posting a photo of herself showing off her engagement ring while getting a kiss on the c

Surprise! Country Singer Thomas Rhett Has a Double Baby Announcement of His Own

While Beyoncé's Instagram pregnancy announcement will probably go down in history as the most memorable twin baby announcement of all time (and not just because people lost their minds over it), she's far from the only celebrity to announce double baby news this month. Amal and George Clooney announced they too were expecting twins, and now, country singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins are announcing they too are expecting two babies, but not quite how you'd think.


H&M Is Releasing Halloween Costumes — and They're So Cute

H&M has been busy lately, what with their collabs with the likes of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. And if you can tear your eyes away from the upcoming partnership with Erdem (a Kate Middleton fave), we've got some more exciting news: The retailer has released its Halloween costumes. Your options include everything from skeleton mesh bodysuits to, of course, unicorns.

Meghan Markle Wears "Husband" Shirt for First Public Outing With Prince Harry

It's official: We've got a newly crowned style icon, and her name is Meghan Markle. The Suits actress has been making headlines for days after stepping out with her boyfriend Prince Harry for their first public appearance at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto this past weekend. But we can't stop swooning over her casual yet chic fashion choices.

Almost Half of Ivanka Trump's Products Are Now Heavily Discounted

It's been a long-swirling rumor that Ivanka Trump's line is not doing so hot. And despite a short-lived boycott after the president called Nordstrom's treatment "unfair," there is data that the line is not doing nearly as well as it once was. In fact, according to one report, sales at the department store dropped 32 percent in the year leading up to the election.

Yes, You Can Own a Bespoke Wedding Dress Without Breaking the Bank

When one door closes, another opens. If you were bummed about the demise of J.Crew's wedding line, just wait 'til you see your chic new replacement courtesy of Fame and Partners. The debut of the Bespoke Bridal Collection features 21 made-to-order styles in four themes (classic, modern, bohemian and rebellious).


14 Blooming Cocktails to Ring in the Spring

Spring has sprung, and we couldn't be more excited. There's something undeniably rejuvenating about the vernal equinox and all the bright flavors that follow. Digging into big, refreshing salads is something we long for after a cold winter, and we can't wait to give some quick one-pot spring dinners a whirl so we can spend more evenings outside.

Takeout Hack: Cauliflower Fried Rice

Drop the take-out menu and whip up a lighter, healthier version of classic fried rice for dinner tonight. Instead of using starchy rice for this one, we pulsed raw cauliflower florets in the food processor and voila! — an incredible low carb, low cal, rice substitute was born (and it only took seconds to make!

13 Easter Treats That Look As Sweet As They Taste

Cakes and other make-ahead Easter desserts are always welcome at the brunch table. And when it comes to Cadbury Egg recipes — what's not to love? But if you're looking for crafty concoctions that will satisfy your sweet tooth AND double as festive Easter dessert table decor, we've got your back. Here are 13 Easter treats that will get everyone in the mood for *bunny* season STAT.

KIND's New Fruit Snacks Are Delicious AND Totally Healthy

Kids love their snacks (and adults love delicious, healthy snacks too), but it's no secret that childhood favorites come with a hefty heaping of sugar. While there's nothing wrong with a little sweet treat here and there, we're willing to bet that you'd *LOVE* to find some healthy-yet-sweet snacks for your kids (or yourself!


These #ShePersisted Social Media Tributes Will Hit You Right in the Heart

In just a little over 24 hours, the hashtag #ShePersisted has become the new feminist call to action. First, Trump helped coin the now empowered phrase "nasty woman" when he used the term to describe Hillary Clinton in a debate. Now, Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell just sparked a new feminist phrase that's bound to stick after silencing fellow Senator Elizabeth Warren when she was trying to read a letter by Coretta Scott King about newly confirmed US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Let's Get Talking: Why Mental Health Is a Bigger Women's Issue Now Than Ever

We're in a mental health crisis. Our phones are making us depressed. The news is making us depressed. Our birth control? Also definitely making us depressed. By 2020, depression is predicted by the World Health Organization to be the second leading cause of global disability burden. And, more than ever, it's a women's issue.

Hillary Clinton's Potential Next Political Venture Could Be HUGE

It's time to rejoice, boss babes — particularly if you voted for HRC in 2016. Despite any dreary new rulings that might have you down (namely one that says docs can discriminate against their patients based on their religious preferences, to which IBM had a heartwarming response), Hillary Clinton could very soon have a brand new gig, and it's one that just might offer a glimmer of hope.

Reporters Could Be Kicked Out of the 2017 CMA Awards for Asking Artists About Gun Control or Politics

UPDATE (November 3, 7:40pm): As of 2pm on Friday, the Country Music Association reversed the restrictive guidelines we reported on in the original story, along with issuing the following statement to CNN Money. "CMA apologizes for the recently distributed restrictions in the CMA Awards media guidelines, which have since been lifted.


Yikes! Your Baby Monitor Is Totally Hackable + How to Be Safe

You might have seen the Jetsons-level baby monitors that are in stores or put them on your baby registry. Chances are you even have one in your baby's nursery right now. But did you know that some of the WiFi-enabled monitors could bring in a hackable threat? A consumer alert was issued by NYC's Department of Consumer Affairs in early 2016 after it began an investigation into several unnamed video baby monitor manufacturers for potential security risks.

25 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy During the Holidays

When we think of Christmas, we think of gifts. And what's more special than the gift of life (okay, we know that's a little corny, but we're rolling with it)? Whether you just found out you're expecting or are about to pop, the holiday season is the BEST time to share your excitement with loved ones.

5 Tips to Get Out for Date Night Without a Major Toddler Meltdown

You've got Saturday Night Fever! Okay, so maybe not in the John Travolta, white polyester pants suit way. But, you're all about a night of cocktails, dining and childless fun. You've got the sitter lined up, you're wearing something that doesn't involve yoga pants or your husband's old college sweatshirt, and you've traded the diaper bag for an actual purse.

12 Holiday Gifts to Pamper New Moms

The baby shower has come and gone, and you've gifted your BFF with onesies galore, tear-free bath products, and enough teeny-tiny little hooded towels to last into the toddler years. Now the baby is here, and you need a gift for the new mama. Not just any gift — a holiday present. It's time to put the new mom in the spotlight to brighten up her season.


The Reason Stress Keeps You Up at Night and How to Fix It

Whether it's work demands, relationship drama or financial fumbles, chances are you've suffered a sleepless night due to stress or anxiety. No matter how many sheep you count, that pesky problem can leave you tossing and turning until the sun comes up. Before you know it, your alarm goes off, and it's time to muster up the strength to climb out of bed.

This Amazing Blanket Feels Like a Giant Hug

Whether you're sneaking in some QT with your long-term S.O. on a chilly night or love cozying up on the couch while watching your fave Netflix shows with your BFFs during an adult slumber party, getting snuggly is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax. After all, there's a reason why people love hugs so much.

Traveling for the Holidays? You Can Do This Full Body Routine Anywhere

It's officially the holiday season! We love this time of year — spending time with loved ones, decorating our homes, baking cookies. To celebrate, the Tone It Up team is doing the Holiday Hustle Challenge together to have a healthy, happy, and balanced season. Sign up for the Holiday Challenge HERE to join us for daily workouts, lifestyle challenges, and healthy treats!

How Traveling Solo Saved My Body Image

In the 1960s, plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz conducted a study that would eventually be used to determine exactly how long habits take to break. The magic number: 21 days. Maltz was referring to the amount of time needed for plastic surgery patients to psychologically adjust to a new physical appearance, but the concept was quickly expanded to refer to any kind of mental sticking point, like behavior.


3 Stylish Ways to Update Your Rental Kitchen

You don't need to have miles of open shelving and Pinterest-perfect marble countertops to love your cooking space, fellow renters. Even with the most understanding landlord, it can be hard to redecorate a rental kitchen that's seen a few years of wear and tear. When you're looking for fast and deposit-back-guaranteed ways to restyle your space, it's all about picking a few key accessories and kitchen organization options that won't break the bank.

How to Get the Vibrant, Colorful Look of Gwen Stefani's Glam Home

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have put their Beverly Hills mansion on the market for $35 million, and it's a stunner. Decorated by Kelly Wearstler, almost every single room is rocking floor-to-ceiling marble walls, bold black and white interiors and oversized furniture. The 11,845-square-foot home is eclectic in all the right places, with hot-pink velvet couches, on-point patterns and geometric decor.

14 Modern Shabby Chic Decor Ideas That Are Totally Grandma Chic

While most springtime home revamps involve bedroom organization hacks and Googling "how to organize a messy kitchen," you should also consider introducing a new decor trend into your home: shabby-chic decor. No, we're not talking about the shabby chic of yesteryear (i.e., Grandma's plastic-covered couch and crochet blankets).

This Blogger's Affordable Modern Kitchen Makeover Is All Kinds of Cool

Gwen Hefner of The Makerista gave us a sneak peek into her newly renovated kitchen, and we're obsessed with her minimal, quintessential American design. Clean lines, traditional appliances, a sophisticated neutral palette and the timeless look of marble offer *THE* perfect mix of minimalism and American flair.


This Job Will Pay You to Travel and Drink Cocktails

We've come across some pretty sweet jobs lately, like being a mermaid instructor or Royal Caribbean's "Master Instagrammer." But if you liked the sound of the position that involves traveling and drinking beer, then you'll be happy to hear that we have another boozy opportunity that may be right up your alley.

How a Former TV Producer Turned a Love of Baking into a Successful Cookie Business

If there's one thing in life that will never let you down, it's cookies. Nobody knows that better than Courtney Cowan, owner of LA's Milk Jar Cookies, who found a way to turn everyone's favorite sweet treat into a career. After quitting her day job as a TV producer, she decided to start her own food business, and just a few years in, she's already caught the attention of cookie lovers across the country, as well as major industry players like Williams Sonoma.

Acorns Study Shows Millennials Still Have a Lot to Learn About Finances

When finance app Acorns launched, it seemed like someone had finally tapped into the (potentially) game-changing secret to beefing up our savings accounts. It turns out that saving money suddenly becomes a lot easier when you don't have to do it manually (and when it just sort of happens magically). Acorns knows how much we can afford to lose from our day-to-day checking account and does the dirty work for us by automatically investing our small change.

5 Expert Tips for Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Whether you're giving a toast at your BFF's wedding or prepping for a mega important creative presentation at your day job, having a bad case of stage fright can rattle even the most prepared public speaker. Since we usually can't avoid speaking in public, we thought we would ask the experts how they've conquered stage fright and learned to slay all their big speeches.