10 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

10 Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

7 Tips To Wake Up Without Coffee (July 2019).


It hasn't been more than 10 minutes since your alarm went off, and your coffee maker is already grinding away to help you get a jump-start on the day. Sound familiar? We totally understand. Coffee has a way of making slow-moving mornings just a bit easier and totally helps put the pep in your step. And though studies have shown that you reap more benefits drinking coffee than just an energy jolt, too much of a good thing isn't always wonderful.

Whether you're trying to give up the cup of joe, cut back on your Starbucks app addiction or just want to see if drinking less caffeine makes a difference, we've rounded up 10 healthy tricks to help ease the morning pain. Scroll on for deets.

1. Change the way you wake up. A traditional alarm clock can feel so jarring, and nobody likes waking up to a terrible sound. For a more peaceful wake-up call, think about getting a sunrise clock. Basically, it simulates a sunrise inside your room so you can wake up more naturally. Ah, bliss.

2. Opt for a "backwards" snooze. Guilty of hitting "snooze" on your regular old alarm clock or phone? Try this cool trick. Press the button and, instead of going back to sleep, get up and use those few minutes on whatever you enjoy instead of jumping right into the morning routine. Once the alarm goes off again, get to the rest of it as you would have before.

3. Turn on the lights, already! We know it's obvious, but turning on the lights or opening your shades will make a dramatic difference in waking up. Plus, it's a much better alternative than stumbling around in the dark or pulling the covers over your head for a few more minutes.

4. Stretch it out. Morning yoga has proven its wonders as a natural energy booster, so take advantage of what science says by incorporating a few key stretches into the start of your day. They'll improve your posture and blood flow too.

5. Eat some protein. It's easy to grab a bagel, muffin or bar, but eating protein will give your body serious fuel and contribute to your energy levels and brain power. Greek yogurt or eggs are good, quick choices that don't require too much prep time.

6. Cue the tunes. Turn on some upbeat music for an instant energy boost, and make a soundtrack for your morning. Peppy tunes or your favorite SoulCycle playlist will definitely do the trick. Plus, a dance party for one is never a bad idea!

7. Have a good laugh. Laughter is everything. Not only does it have major physical benefits, like decreasing stress by releasing feel-good endorphins, but it's FUN. Treat yourself to a few hilarious YouTube videos and we bet you'll feel way more awake than you did before watching ‘em.

8. Chat up your BFF. Get your brain working right away and you'll be surprised how much more lively you feel. Use any extra time when you're getting ready or on your morning commute to call or FaceTime someone who inspires you or makes you feel happy. A good catch-up sesh is a pretty amazing way to start a day.

9. Move more. If a few stretches or dancing around the house doesn't do the trick for you, try adding a morning workout class to your routine — or sneak some extra steps into your commute. Though making yourself move so early in the day can be a literal drag, research says it has real work-life benefits. Who doesn't want that?

10. Drink some green tea. Okay, it's still a caffeinated beverage, but it's NOT a cup of java. Plus, we recently learned that switching from coffee to green tea has major skin benefits. Green teas come in a ton of varieties, so branch out by trying jasmine tea, matcha tea and more.

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