14 Fruity Granitas That Are Sure to Help You Keep Cool This Summer

14 Fruity Granitas That Are Sure to Help You Keep Cool This Summer

How to make Strawberry jalapeno granita with tequila sunrise whipped cream (July 2019).


With temps rising, everyone is definitely looking for ways to cool down. Since you've already stocked up on the summer essentials, like a fun new swimsuit and a cute pair of shades, it's time to turn to your cocktail recipes to help with your poolside chill-out. After mixing up a set of seriously yummy boozy slushies, try one of the 14 fruity granitas below. Get ready to grab your prettiest glass and your favorite silver spoon and start indulging in these icy drinks during the hottest of days.

1. Cherry + Elderflower Granita: Ever tried elderflower liqueur in your cocktails? No? Well, it's AMAZING! Mix it with some cherries and you have the perfect summer sweet. (via Jet and Indigo)

2. Peach Sangria Granita: Whether it's red or white, sangria never disappoints. Grab your favorite stone fruit and bottle of wine to make this delicious treat. (via Sugar Spun Run)

3. Sparkly Spiked Cran-Raspberry Granita: Cranberries, raspberries and lime, oh my! This colorful combo is the perfect way to cool off this summer. (via Spabettie)

4. Fresh Herb Granita: Create a combination of savory and sweet with this icy cool treat. It's the perfect dessert for your next summer get-together with the girls. (via My Vega)

5. Dragon Fruit Granita: Looking for a granita that is a little out of the ordinary? Get your taste buds tingling with this delicious and unique recipe. (via Gooseberry Mooseberry)

6. Lemon Champagne Granita: Summer bridal showers are usually held outside where it can get a little toasty. Keep your guests' heat index low with this refreshing, summery cocktail. (via Zoe Bakes)

7. Ruby Red Granita: Why sip on water all day long when you could step up your hydration game with a yummy granita? This grapefruit and watermelon recipe will keep your water levels up and your tummy happy. (via Vitamin Sunshine)

8. Peach Granita: Three ingredients are all you need to make this fruity frozen dessert! Grab a blender to whip up a treat you will enjoy all season long. (via Anytime Fitness)

9. Watermelon + Basil Granita: Watermelon is the ultimate summer snack, so go ahead and mix it with a little basil to create the perfect poolside delight. Your taste buds will thank you. (via Will Cook for Friends)

10. Campri + Ruby Grapefruit Granita: Italian sodas were definitely one of your favorite drinks as a kid. Step up your childhood nostalgia game with this icy adult take on the refreshing summer sip. (via Delicious Magazine)

11. Lychee Lime Granita: Wishing you were spending your summer on an island far, far away? Well, you can still eat like you are! This lychee and lime granita will have you feeling the island breeze. (via Produce Made Simple)

12. Grapefruit Mint Granita: Keep things super refreshing with this mint-based granita. The simple and light recipe is great for your next Sunday brunch or garden party. (via 40 Aprons)

13. Boozy Watermelon Granita: Nothing goes better with a backyard BBQ than watermelon. Nothing! Complete your summer soiree with this tasty boozy watermelon granita and top it off with a little coconut whipped cream. (via How Sweet Eats)

14. Berry Granitas: When the temperatures start soaring, it's time to start cooling. Get chilly this summer with a prosecco snow cone that definitely won't disappoint. (via Bell'alimento)

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