How to invite a woman in 2017

How to invite a woman in 2017

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Invite a woman on a date is equally difficult if you know one day or know each other from school. The more like a girl, the harder it is to take the first step. But do not despair. A good mood, a positive attitude and a few simple rules will help you to withstand this difficult test with honor.



1 Consider the invitation in advance. Light excitement is forgivable, but confused, confused speech will not add to your attractiveness in the eyes of the girl. Most women like when a man keeps confidently. However, confusion with self-confidence is also not worth it. A girl would rather forgive excessive timidity than pushiness or familiarity.


Be natural. Do not try to turn into a man who you think will like the woman you are interested in. People are often attracted by opposites. A strict business woman can look at reverent romantics, and a student of philology - on wide-shouldered athletes. Guessing women's preferences is impossible, because girls themselves often do not know who they like until they meet their man. Perhaps you.


Select the right moment. You should not approach the girl when she is upset or angry about something. Most likely, at this moment she does not want to talk to anyone, even if you want to cheer her up. It is unlikely that a woman will be pleased with the offer of a meeting immediately after a busy day. Not everyone can quickly switch from a working rhythm to a more relaxed type of communication.


Invite on a date by phone. This method is convenient if you do not encounter too often. He has his strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, on the phone you will feel more relaxed and you can better hide the excitement. On the other hand, you will not see the immediate reaction of the interlocutor to the proposal: the thoughtful silence of the handset will tell less than the look or movement of the eyebrows. Making a date, be specific in choosing a place and time. From the excitement, you can confuse the metro station, and she is wrong to hear. In order to avoid misunderstanding, once again clarify the agreement.


If you cannot call or meet the woman in person, write about the invitation by SMS or through social networks. This is also suitable for shy people. It is easier to write a short message than to contact in person. Remember at the same time that if it will be easier for you to contact via the Internet, then the girl is not so difficult to refuse. When inviting a woman for a first date, choose a less mediated way.


Do not despair, having been refused. If a woman referred to employment, it is quite possible that this is true. Sitting in the tower in anticipation of the beautiful prince is not fashionable now, and the girl may have a hundred different things that prevent her from accepting the offer. Call her again in a few days or a week. But don't be too intrusive. Gallant perseverance should not turn into persecution. After two sentences, the woman will appreciate how interested you are. If sympathy is mutual, she will invite you herself.


You should not wear beautiful, but uncomfortable things, intending to invite a girl to meet. You will feel constrained, and it will be noticeable from the outside.

Helpful advice

When inviting a woman for a date, do not think over all the details yourself. You can choose the time of the meeting, and she - the place where you go.