How to wean late on 2019

How to wean late on 2019

Weaning Foals - A Big Job for Late Summer Episode 8 Low Country Cowboys (July 2019).


Obligation, reliability and punctuality relate to those qualities that invariably want to see in your partner. But, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky, and often someone suffers from the fact that, for example, his beloved or beloved is always late. Moreover, such a person practically does not suffer the pangs of conscience and believes that the phrase “I can’t do anything with myself” fully justifies it.



First, try to talk with such a person and explain that to stand, while waiting for him to support the walls, no one likes that every person has plans for personal time and that waiting is not listed in them. True, an absolute guarantee that the words will have some kind of educational value, no - he probably heard them more than once.


Try a more reliable way than educating the irreducible. Choose a strategy that will be more comfortable for you and will allow you to be nervous, but not for long, and not to abandon your plans. With such a strategy, you will no longer suffer in this situation, but the one who is late. You will not force him to change his character, just create situations that are unfavorable for him, in which he will find himself because of his own lack of coherence.


If you are going on a trip with friends, then warn him that you will not wait for him for more than 10 minutes. And keep your promise. He will not be the prince that everyone is waiting for, although they are fighting, but an ordinary person, in a hurry and forced to catch up with someone. Even psychologically, the situation is changing - it ceases to be the center of attention and subconsciously feels forgotten and abandoned. And the culprit is his lateness.


If you have agreed to go to the cinema or theater and the tickets are in your hands, do not expect it. A great reason for this is the third bell. Go to the auditorium and quietly enjoy the game of actors, because of his habit he will have to sneak his way to his seat by buying an additional ticket.


If he is late for a date, reduce the time spent together. Just say that you have an urgent event scheduled later, for example, you promised to visit a sick relative, girlfriend or neighbor. It is his fault and his non-punctuality that you haven't talked much.


Such an impact is the most effective for an adult, whom words can no longer be taught. When a person himself does not consider it necessary to work hard and change himself in order not to cause inconvenience to others, you yourself can reduce these inconveniences to a minimum, even if you cause discontent.