How to fall in love with a guy for one meeting

How to fall in love with a guy for one meeting

How Men Fall in Love: 5 Steps to Make Him Love You (July 2019).


The first impression is the strongest. It was during the first meeting that a man can understand and learn almost everything about a woman. Therefore, it is quite possible to fall in love with a young man in just one meeting . You just need to know how to properly present themselves.



Carefully prepare for the meeting - clothing, manicure, hair and makeup. All this is very important for creating a favorable image. It is not necessary to put on all the most expensive and artsy. Clothes should be selected with taste, discreet make-up, well-groomed nails and hands, neat hair. A man is unlikely to miss a stylish and caring woman.


Think over the topic of conversation. It is best to prepare for a conversation in different areas - art, politics, several men's topics: cars, sports, etc. Get ready for the fact that you have to listen carefully, because men just adore when they listen, literally breathless. The only topic that should be a taboo for your conversation is the weather. When people start talking about natural phenomena, it means that they are not interested in each other.


Do not talk too much yourself. There must be a mystery in a woman. And it is necessary for the man to want to meet with you again and again. Even from the meeting, psychologists recommend leaving exactly 5 minutes before its end. This leaves a slight understatement and secrecy.


Do not forget the compliments. It is proved: men are not less than women, and sometimes they even like to listen to pleasant words addressed to themselves. However, make sure that the compliment is not too pompous and contrived. False men just hate. Do not be scattered in praise. Much more appropriate to the place will be pronounced subtle compliment.


Remember the movement. All of them should be smooth and intriguing. If you lead with your hand, do it very gently and slowly, but at the same time naturally. Head turns should also be fairly slow and very neat. This will give the image of additional mystery. Elements of non-verbal communication will not be redundant - flirt, make small eyes, smile with one eyes, etc.