What is interesting to girls

What is interesting to girls

10 SURPRISING Ways To Be MORE Interesting & Attractive To Women! (July 2019).


The desire of the guy to please the girl on a date is understandable. It depends on your behavior, whether this meeting will be the first and the last or will serve as a reason to meet again. Therefore, it is so important to know - what is interesting for girls?

Any girl intuitively feels confident in a man. If he stutters when she asks him a question, his voice trembles or he constantly blushes - the girl, of course, likes and flatter, but at the same time she begins to consider the man unsure of her own abilities. Therefore, keep confident and calm. Answer her questions with an even voice, smile and joke - only within the limits of decency. Watch your gestures and posture. Closed posture and crossed arms will also show that you feel some discomfort and constraint.
Intellectual conversations
Girls are attracted by "smart" conversations. The image of a joker and a collector of jokes, of course, attracts. But the girl wants to talk not only about the weather and listen to a couple of jokes.

She wants to discuss politics, get your opinion on global warming and endangered animals. Do not try to sarcastically respond to the question about your attitude to the art house and tease the girl (especially if she is blonde). Your humor on the topic "Is it possible for a woman to be interesting?" here is completely inappropriate.
Your lifestyle and social status
No, not everyone cares about the money and prospects of a potential partner. The girl just wants to know what you are, how you see your future. Therefore, the questions on the topic of work, red diploma and the desire to become a Binesman are quite understandable - she does not look in your wallet, she is just trying to figure out your life position. Do you want to connect your life with a bummer and an eternal dreamer who has no plans for the future? Such a man will not be able to provide for his family and protect his beloved from life's troubles If you tell that work brings you only joy, and you plan to realize all your plans in the near future, the girl will be fascinated.