What girls pay attention

What girls pay attention

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Dating is the exciting stage of the relationship, deciding their fate. People, undoubtedly, appreciate each other, make their own definite opinion about a person of the opposite sex. There are several main points that the girls pay attention to when meeting with a man.

On the first date, the woman will definitely pay attention to the man’s face. And if his chin is covered with untidy stubble, and instead of a hairstyle on his head there is something incomprehensible, it is unlikely to be highly appreciated. Yes, he, of course, can say in his defense that adheres to the grunge style or something like that, but this guy is unlikely to cause more sympathy. Approval of his image is possible only if the girl herself prefers a non-traditional approach in relation to appearance and clothing.
Clean, neatly trimmed hair, well-groomed face, fresh breath - this is all important. However, do not overdo it with an external gloss, so that the girl will not take you for the representative of sexual minorities. Everything should be in moderation: neat, stylish, courageous.
The next object worthy of attention of the girl is the figure of a man. Women do not like too thin guys. They do not want to look full on their background. They do not like men to be shorter, such a stereotype in society. Of course, with such natural data as the growth and constitution of the body, it is pointless to fight. But anyone, even the thinnest, man can noticeably develop his muscles, choosing a diet in a certain way and paying attention to bodybuilding. By the way, visiting the gym, in addition to biceps and triceps, do not forget about the gluteus muscles. According to women, they excite them no less than broad shoulders and a powerful torso.
Then the girl will pay attention to the neatness of the gentleman and various trifles. Clean clothes, shiny shoes, a pleasant smell of toilet water - all this will be appreciated. Well-groomed hands, neatly trimmed nails without burrs - this is also very important. After all, a woman, consciously or unconsciously, when looking at your hands will represent how they will caress her. It is worth paying attention to the smile, it must be undisguised and sincere. Remember that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, therefore, interested, mysterious, businesslike, but with mischievous lights, the look will certainly interest her.
When meeting with a man, she necessarily assesses his behavior. Women like charming, self-confident men who have enchanting charisma. You should not try to play someone's role, be yourself, but make sure that the girl does not miss in your company. Appreciate the fair sex and the voice of a man. It should not be squeaky, better with hoarseness or courageous baritone, sexy and talking about a high level of testosterone in men. Women love friendly and sociable men.
Another point that does not overlook the girls, is the male intellect. If the guy will only talk about parties and drunks, he is unlikely to be interested in this woman. Chatting about the world, traveling, news of science, literature, music, sports - all this is very nice. A clever interviewee has a great advantage over the others. However, make sure that your clever speeches do not turn into pesky talk that the girl is not at all interested. Otherwise, you will get a shortcut label. Courage, willingness to protect, gallantry, firmness, wit and originality in a man are welcomed and encouraged.

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