How to interest a guy on a first date

How to interest a guy on a first date

5 Ways To Impress A Guy On A First Date | Unusual First Date Tips (July 2019).


The first date causes so many experiences and fears. After all, I want to please the young man, make an impression and interest on the first date. In this case, the main thing is not to worry, calm down, be yourself and follow a few simple recommendations.



Do not be nervous. Due to strong excitement, the reaction can be unpredictable: you will talk a lot and tell too much, or, on the contrary, shut up and answer questions in a monosyllabic way. It is important to relax and receive sincere pleasure from communication, to be friendly and relaxed. The tension is felt and creates the feeling that the guy is doing something wrong, and this spoils the impression from the first date about you.


Think over the topics for conversation in advance. You will be calmer if you know exactly how to fill an awkward silence. Think of at least 10 topics or funny stories to talk about. If you know where the first date will be, try to learn interesting stories about this place. Then you can put it in place and show your reading.


Choose topics for conversation correctly. There are unwritten rules for a conversation on the first date, which is desirable to follow. Do not touch past relationships, former guys, your problems and other unpleasant topics, and you should not brag clearly. The conversation should be easy, pleasant, relaxed and without negativity. You can discuss what is happening around, for example, if you walk in the park and saw dogs, you can discuss animals, your past pets, funny stories about animals.


Be interested in the guy. On the first date, you should be interested in your cavalier, get to know him, and not just talk about yourself. But the interest must be delicate, and not in the form of interrogation. Learn the similarity of your views on certain things in order to understand your compatibility. Men love sincere interest in them and their opinions. But do not touch the income and the former relationship.


Flirt with a man. Do not forget that on a date you need to show interest in the satellite - laugh at his jokes, smile more often, praise, look into his eyes and touch his hand a couple of times. But it is worth knowing the measure and not overdoing it, so as not to seem too accessible. You have to show interest, but you should not settle for sex on the first date. In this way it is difficult to interest the guy, rather it will push him away.


Be yourself and enjoy the process. You do not need to control every movement, think over phrases and constantly think about the impression made. You are not in the exam and should enjoy a pleasant society, and if you are really good together, everything will turn out by itself.