Where is the point g

Where is the point g

Karol G - Punto G (May 2019).


Point G (ji) - the most legendary and most controversial point of the female body. Its presence and location is controversial, even among physicians. Someone does not believe in its existence. And those who found it, consider the absolute guarantee of a female orgasm.

Discovery history

For the first time, the point of ji was described in Taoist sexual practices under the name "Heart of a Flower". But the German gynecologist Grafenberg became the official discoverer in Western science. In his work in 1944, he describes a certain area on the wall of the vagina, with the stimulation of which a woman experiences the strongest orgasms. But, due to social mores and closeness of the topic of sex, it was not until the beginning of the 80s that American gynecologists published its existence in the manual on sex. Since then, the search for this point attended to both men and women.

G point location

The point of the ji is located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately in its central part at a depth of 5-6 cm from the vestibule of the vagina, behind the pubic bone and the urethra. Its size is only about 16 mm. The sensitivity of this point is very different for different women. For many, it has low sensitivity, and its stimulation does not lead to orgasm.
Before starting the search for a ji point, a woman needs to get to an excited state, since it is almost impossible to find her in an unexcited woman.

Find point G can each woman alone or with a partner. To do this, the finger or finger of the partner must gradually enter the inside of the vagina in the direction of the abdomen. Naturally, the finger should be pre-lubricated with natural female lubricant or lubricant. At a depth of 5-6 cm, the finger must find a site with a rather dense skin that looks like a pea — this is the ji point. At the beginning of the stimulation of this point a woman should have a desire to urinate. But a longer massage will lead to a strong orgasm. Since the sensitivity of this point is individual, waiting for an orgasm can be quite long. With prolonged stimulation, the size of the point increases to 25 cm, and on sensations it becomes similar to a large bob.
If the sensitivity is low and there is no sensation of orgasm for a long time, try to pre-stimulate the clitoris. Or start stimulating point G immediately after orgasm. Massage points make circular or translational movements of the finger. You can use for this purpose a vibrator or special toys from the sex shop, allowing you to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the ji point. Try different options, focusing on the feelings of women. Some women need mild and gentle stimulation, others need intense, with a rather sensitive touch. Be careful: if you press too hard on point G, spontaneous urination may occur.
Men also have their own point G - this is the prostate, the prostate gland next to the urethra. It is located at a depth of 4-5 cm from the entrance to the anus.

In addition, the point ji can be massaged directly during sex. For this, the "woman on top" posture or the classic posture with the legs on a man's shoulders work well. It is in these positions that a woman can independently regulate the angle of entry of the penis into the vagina.