What movie can be watched together with a guy in 2019

What movie can be watched together with a guy in 2019

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Watching a movie is the surest option for dating. But you need to be very careful when choosing a suitable film. Because it may depend on this, whether you will continue to meet or not. That is why, choosing a film for sharing, you need to take into account the tastes of both partners. If you do not know the preferences of your boyfriend, give preference to the proven versions of the paintings.

What movies are more suitable for watching with a guy

Recently, the world of cinema has changed a lot. Watching movies was not just a way to kill time, but an opportunity to get to know your loved one more closely. You can learn about his character from the films that he likes. If the guy is a romantic person, he might like the romance more. And if he is very positive, with a good sense of humor, various comedies can be to his taste.

List of movies to watch with a guy

Option 1. "Removal rules: Hitch method." This movie is great for watching together. The plot of the film is that the main character works as a matchmaker and tries to find his own halves for many people. But then suddenly he meets a journalist Sarah. At this point, his life is changing dramatically. Thanks to the comic moments in the film, you can laugh more than once together from the heart.
One of the advantages of the film "Rules of removal: the method of Hitch, " which is noted in various reviews, - a brilliant game of Will Smith and Eva Mendez.

Option 2. "Avatar". This film was shot very high quality using a sufficient number of special effects. The plot revolves around the inhabitants of the planet Pandora and the main character. The film is very closely intertwined relationships between people and mother earth. If your young man loves fiction, he might like this movie.
Option 3. If you are married, it is better to look "Fast and the Furious." This crime thriller is played by famous actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. The film tells about the difficult fate of street racers who get into unpleasant situations. The film also features gunfights and relationships between people. This movie is recommended to view in good quality.
If you want to continue the conversation after the movie "Avatar", watch the time, because the movie goes for two hours.

Option 4. It is worth mentioning the good comedy of Robert Luketich called "The Ugly Truth". The film tells about the difficult relationships between people. The plot revolves around a woman who works as a producer for the morning show. She can easily get out of any situation. However, she suddenly has problems in her personal life. And then her colleague comes to her rescue, which, ironically, she simply cannot stand.
Choosing a movie to watch with a guy, know that if he really likes you very much, he will not care what he is watching. The main thing that you were near.