How to use a condom

How to use a condom

How to Use a Condom | Nucleus Health (May 2019).


If the condom broke due to an accidental connection with an unfamiliar partner, in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, you should contact the special point of personal prevention, which is located at each dermatovenerologic dispensary. A woman will be treated with genital tracts with preparations of mercury salts, potassium permanganate, silver nitrate, and a man with cidipole and gibitan.

What is a condom and why is it needed?

A condom, or condom, is a contraceptive made of ultrathin but durable rubber, which creates an obstacle to the penetration of male sperm into the female genital tract. At its end, which after putting on should be on the head of the penis, there is a special space for the accumulation of sperm.
The only disadvantage of a condom is a decrease in the sensitivity of partners during sexual intercourse. But the merits are not counted because he:
- easy to use;
- an excellent prophylactic, saving from sexually transmitted diseases;
- has no contraindications to the use of rare cases of male inability to maintain erection and allergies, including the female vagina, latex.
In addition, the condom is always available for sale, and its price is low. Color and habitual corporal, to a point, a pimple, smooth and with tendrils - that only people did not think up for their pleasure.

How to use it, this classic contraceptive?

After checking the expiration date of the condom indicated on the package, it was in the pocket of its owner.
When choosing a condom should pay attention to the country of origin. Japanese condoms are recognized as the most durable. But cheap, but dubious quality "china" in street tents is not worth buying.
What to do next? In the process of love games with a partner, when the penis becomes erect enough, you should carefully remove the condom from the package and release the air from the top, squeezing it with two fingers.
Fully unfold the condom should not be. Holding its compressed tip, the rubber ring must be attached to the head and gradually rolled out to the very base of the penis.
If you are an inexperienced user, practice using a condom without a female partner as spontaneous erections occur. Or instruct your sweetheart to put a condom on you by including this activity in love games.

Are there any features of removing a condom?

After the end of sexual intercourse, the member must be carefully removed from the vagina, preventing sperm from falling from the condom to the female’s genitals. If it was noticed that the integrity of the contraceptive is impaired, the woman should drink a special pill or introduce a drug into the vagina to neutralize the action of spermatozoa (you should take care of their purchase in advance).
If the condom broke, and the couple’s pregnancy is still useless, the woman can take the “Postinor” pill or enter “Farmatex” - a spermicide for the vagina.

The used condom is never reused - it is thrown away, and with the onset of re-erection they put on a new one. After the end of all intercourse, both partners should wash or take a shower.

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