4 Shows to Stream After the Nashville Finale

4 Shows to Stream After the Nashville Finale

The Four Battle for Stardom | Season 1, Episode 6 Finale Week Six (July 2019).


And just like that, another show over. For four seasons, we followed the music scene down in Nashville as the show's incredibly catchy tunes morphed into complex character arcs. And while, admittedly, we'll miss the celeb cameos — can we TALK about Kesha!? — we understand that nothing gold can stay. As we all move on and search for our newest obsession, we've got four shows that are in the running.

Before Hayden Panettiere was Juliette Barnes, she was a cheerleader with superpowers. If her somehow-lovable attitude was the reason you kept coming back to each episode, watch her breakout role as Claire Bennet in the addictive series about a seemingly-normal group of people in Los Angeles who all develop fantastic powers. It's available on Amazon. (Photo via NBC)

Nashville is to country music as Smash is to Broadway. They're both about passionate newcomers who will do anything to get further in their musical careers. The show, with acting legends Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and Katharine McPhee, is chock full of tunes that will be stuck in your head for days. It's ready to stream from Amazon. (Photo via NBC)

Things are different below the Mason-Dixon Line. Celebrate all things southern with Hart of Dixie, starring Rachel Bilson as a New York doctor who gets a job offer in Alabama. Fish out of water scenarios abound. You can watch it on Amazon. (Photo via The CW)

It's always nice when a show with serious subject matter doesn't take itself too seriously. The Big C, starring Laura Linney, is a comedy of sorts, about a woman who was just diagnosed with cancer. The show is poignant, funny and beautifully acted, examining a difficult situation as it affects people of all different ages. Stream it now from Amazon. (Photo via Showtime)

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