5 Binge-able Shows to Recover from The Americans Season Finale

5 Binge-able Shows to Recover from The Americans Season Finale

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There are few shows on TV right now as underrated as The Americans. If you're also a fan of the FX cult favorite, you've likely felt the same away. But after last night's season finale (PROMISE: NO SPOILERS), we were left reeling and wondering how the Jennings family — and our interest in TV — can possibly continue. If you're also feeling major withdrawals from the show, we've got five more that will satisfy you until season five starts up in 2017.

If what you liked best about The Americans is the cross-cultural high stakes, The Bridge offers more of the same. The show, starring Diane Kruger, is a complex, intriguing story about Mexican and American detectives working across the border to capture a serial killer. Stream it now from Amazon. (Photo via FX)

One of the things we like best about The Americans is its moody cinematography and thought-provoking character development. Rectify, a show about a convicted man on death row whose guilt is called into question with DNA evidence, embodies many of the same vibes, but at a slower and more introspective pace. Season four is coming out later this year, so catch up with the first three seasons on Amazon now. (Photo via Sundance)

Much like the story of the Jennings family, Sleeper Cell is about an agent who embeds himself within the ranks of the enemy. This time, the story follows an FBI agent who infiltrates a terrorist cell in Los Angeles. It's a show that thrives on suspense and double identities. It's available to watch from Amazon, Showtime and Google Play. (Photo via Showtime)

If the reasons you got hooked on The Americanswere the costumes and historical context, the BBC's intense mini-series will be your next favorite show. The Game takes place in London in 1972 and follows MI-5's dealings with the KGB. The show works almost as a perfect antidote to The Americans in that it follows British Intelligence weeding out sleeper agents, like the Jennings family. Watch it now on Amazon and BBC America. (Photo via BBC)

If the reason you tune into The Americans every week is Keri Russell (us too), get more of the actress in a drastically different role. She plays the title character, Felicity, who follows her high school crush to New York and, of course, ends up on a wild adventure. The show is touching, funny and provided Russell her breakout role. Catch it on Amazon. (Photo via The WB)

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