5 Types of BFFs You NEED in Your Life

5 Types of BFFs You NEED in Your Life

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Studies show that you become like the five people you spend the most time with, which basically means that having a well-rounded group of amazing gal pals can totally help make you a happier and more successful person. Since no two besties are alike, we talked with psychologist and Columbia University Faculty Dr. Sanam Hafeez to come up with a list of the greatest types of friendship bracelet-worthy BFFs out there. Surround yourself with these types of ladies, and you'll have a squad as solid as T-Swift's growing group.

Dr. Hafeez tells us, "The Confidant is a friend who truly understands and values discretion. She's the one you go to when you need to get something heavy off your chest, ask questions that might be silly or embarrassing, or just when you're in need of someone to confide in — and she'll always keep your secrets." This friend not only has 100 percent of your trust, but inspires you to become a better person and less gossip-y friend yourself.

Everyone needs a friend who loves to have fun! Dr. Hafeez says, "Your fun friend is the first person you go to when you want to forget about a problem, as she has a unique power to help you stop stressing or wallowing and find a more positive headspace." The fun friend is always up for meeting for a drink, a movie or a spontaneous bite. You love yours to death because you always leave her company in a GREAT mood.

Dr. Hafeez asks, "Do you have a friend who doesn't judge or give unsolicited advice, but just lets you vent?" If so, you're in luck to count a listener in your core group of girlfriends. A friend who's always there to hear you out, whether over a cup of coffee IRL or via messenger or a phone call at a distance, is one that every woman should have. This friend might be your rock or shoulder to cry on, and she's there for everything you want to share.

Everyone needs a cheerleader from time to time! Dr. Hafeez talks about the motivator, saying, "This is the friend who sees your potential and inspires you to write that book, take that class or push yourself to become even more fit. She believes you truly can be, do and have anything you imagine and seems to know the right things to say to get you fired up about doing more with your life." Never forget to return the favor when she needs a boost or to share her motivational energy and inspirational gestures with others who you care about!

This older friend has experience and offers amazing wisdom. Dr. Hafeez notes, "She's probably nurturing — but without the unfortunate (and sometimes harsh) judgement of an actual family member." Your older and wiser friend has life experience that gives her an ease and flow that totally calms you down. She's also "someone who reminds you life is a journey and every moment, even the ones that seem tough, make you who you are."

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