6 Creative Ways to Show Your S.O. Some Love

6 Creative Ways to Show Your S.O. Some Love



Once you've swiped your way to a boo… or met them the old-fashioned way, it's easy to fall into a stale pattern. Even if you're working through your list of creative dates, your day-to-day grind can keep the workweek from feeling romantic. That's where small romantic gestures can make a huge impact. Scroll on for six easy ways to cheer up your S.O. on an ordinary day.

1.Get cookin'. At the end of a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook. And while making just about anything will make your boo swoon, adding a pop of color with this rainbow grilled cheese (or its sister, rainbow mac n' cheese) will really brighten up their day.

2. Never underestimate the value of handwritten notes. If you were inspired by our 50 Days of Lettering Challenge, you'll be primed and ready to make some awesome handwritten notes. Writing any kind of encouragement and leaving it somewhere they are sure to find it (like their wallet, mirror or coat pocket) will show that you're thinking of them. Plus, unlike texts, you can save them for a rainy day.

3.Skip the glass, but keep the bar.Give your S.O. all of their favorites in a jar along with garnish. A minibar in a jar is easy to personalize and can be used again and again. (via Major Hoff Takes a Wife)

4.Bring your photos to life.Looking through pictures on your phone or computer can be fun, but printing out pictures of your favorite adventures together is a super simple way to bring those memories to life. This is an especially sweet action when your boo is having a bad day, because you can take them back to better times. (Photo via Getty)

5. Take a spontaneous trip… even if it's around the corner. If making something isn't on your agenda, spend your time planning a trip for you and your S.O. Whether it's a weekend trip to the country or city or just a date to your favorite restaurant that night, everybody loves when they can sit back and enjoy a night they didn't have to plan.

6.Make your own date.If you want to surprise your S.O. with something to do, try one of these kits. Brew your own beer, make your own cheese or roll your own sushi — whatever it is, making something together will surely make the best of your date night in a surprising way.

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