7 Cool Father's Day Trips to Take Around the US

7 Cool Father's Day Trips to Take Around the US

Savannah and Everleigh's special fathers day surprise leaves me in tears... (July 2019).


No two dads are the same, which is why we love celebrating creative dads each year on Father's Day. While we usually go the extra mile with gifts, we're stepping it up this year with these creative trips for every type of dad. Whether you're spending the holiday with your own dad, father figure or your hubby and kids, check out these ideas for ways to give him the biggest thank you yet.

Take a trip to the impressive Teton mountains for some bonding over 18 holes and hiking this year. Wyoming is a breathtaking nature escape perfect for the city-dwelling dads in need of a break. Check out the Teton Pines golf range for a head start in planning.

Lighthearted fun and rejuvenation come together with this vacation to Vegas. Spend the afternoon getting blissed out at the luxurious Wynn Spa and have an evening testing your luck against the dealer.

Jewel-toned waters of the US Virgin Islands are the perfect place to pull up anchor and head out for a few days of sailing. Grab your siblings to pitch in for a boat trip to kick back and reminisce about days gone by.

With an expansive view of the famous lake, Oregon's Crater Lake National Park is a camping family's dream. Boasting itself as the ninth deepest lake in the world and having some of the clearest freshwater on Earth, it's sure to be on any outdoorsy dad's bucket list.

Some dads want to find a little slice of sandy heaven, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina are just that. The relaxed vibe of this stretch of beach towns makes this a must for sitting beside the ocean, sipping on a cold one and spending time with family.

They knew dads would be coming from far and wide for this event, so the Father's Day dates of the Kentucky Bourbon Affair are no coincidence. Five days of bourbon tasting straight from their Kentucky distilleries sound like a blast.

Take Dad for a bit of whale watching and adventuring in the rugged Alaskan terrain. It's an increasingly popular destination and June is one of the best times to go, as humpback and killer whales make quite the appearance.

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