Beauty Confession: I've Had the Same Favorite Eyeshadow Since 9th Grade

Beauty Confession: I've Had the Same Favorite Eyeshadow Since 9th Grade

The Truth about being the Popular Girl in School (July 2019).


My beauty confession: I've been loyal to the same eyeshadow since I was a freshman in high school — that's 12-ish years, but who's counting?! Okay, I totally am counting, because there is only one other makeup product I have been wearing since I was 14 years old, so these beloved products are totally bae to me.

The eyeshadow I've been turning to since 2004 is MAC Eye Shadow ($16) in Saddle, which is described as a "matte golden orange brown." It's a universally flattering shade that can be used for *any* look. Seriously. I use it on my lids and in the creases to give my eyes depth, and I loooove using it as both a wet and dry alternative to black eyeliner.

What It Is: A soft, matte brown eyeshadow that looks good on EVERYONE. I swear, any time a friend of mine is touching up her makeup at my apartment, I always tell them to use Saddle. It's not a harsh color that you have to worry about overdoing; it's more of a muted, buildable brown that becomes deeper as you layer it or use it wet.

Where You Can Find It: You can buy MAC Eye Shadow ($16) in Saddle online or at a MAC counter.

Who Should Use It: Give Saddle a try if you're looking for that *one* eyeshadow to add to your makeup routine. Whether you're giving your eyes a subtle wash of color for a day at the office, creating a sultry night-on-the-town look or defining your eyes by using it as liner, this eyeshadow is everything. In a pinch, you can even lightly fill in your brows with it!

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: This is my beauty confession because I have never loved an eyeshadow as much as this one — and trust me, I've used so many. I love how if I'm in a rush and don't have time to think about my makeup, I can quickly apply this product and know that no matter what I'm wearing, it'll work with this eyeshadow. There's nothing better than getting a lot of bang for your buck out of your makeup products, which is why this holy-grail, multipurpose eyeshadow deserves a spot in your makeup bag.

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