Beauty Mythbuster: Can Flash Tattoos Double As Hair Tattoos?

Beauty Mythbuster: Can Flash Tattoos Double As Hair Tattoos?

TATTOO für die HAARE? LIVE-TEST mit KISU l MakeUp Mythbusters (July 2019).


The ideas that tumble out of the beauty blogosphere cover the full spectrum: everything from the ingenious to the weird to the really, really weird. For every post about fierce hair gems, there's another one about — WTF — leg contouring.

When I first heard about hair tattoos, I put the idea in the WTF pile. Something about them looked like an unfortunate encounter with a bird. However, after seeing Toronto vlogger Ashna rock her flash tattoos on the part of her hair, I was sold.

You see, I've got a thing for gold. I love it in makeup, jewelry and clothes. When I first discovered bronzer, I decided I wanted to look like dipped-in-gold Bond Girl Jill Masterson in the film Goldfinger. I've been known to get a little aggressive with highlighter. So when I saw the twist that Ashna put on Kylie Jenner's look, I knew I needed to try it out. Cool, creative and gold: How could I go wrong?

First, apply your flash tattoo to the part in your hair. I went for two afro puffs.

Wet your washcloth and use it to dampen your flash tattoo while gently pressing down.

Slowly peel off your flash tattoo, making sure to check if the tattoo has stuck to your part.

Remember when I said, "How could I go wrong?" Yeah, famous last words. The flash tattoo didn't really stick to my scalp and instead just looked gunky. I tried this out with three different brands of flash tattoos and still no luck. Looks like this one doesn't quite live up to the hype.

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(Featured image via @scunci)