Dream Kardashian Takes Her First Steps… for Food

Dream Kardashian Takes Her First Steps… for Food

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Despite any drama between her parents, it would appear that the youngest Kardashian, Dream Renee, is thriving. In a new Snapchat video posted by mom Blac Chyna, the toddler is seen learning to walk with one very important end goal in mind: food!

The clip sees the soon-to-be one-year-old taking some slightly unstable steps toward her mom as she calls, "Dreamy! Dreamy! Dreamy!" while holding out some food (perhaps a chicken nugget or a hashbrown?) to encourage her daughter. "Go! Go! Go! Yeah! Yeah!"

The trick seems to work, with the toddler making her way across the floor, but sadly, Dream stumbles and tumbles to the floor right before making it to the snack in a moment that's equal parts soul-crushing and adorable.

It's been a month of exciting other firsts for the babe: Dad Rob Kardashian also took his tyke to her first pumpkin patch, and she also had her first visit to the zoo. In addition, the littlest Kardashian also celebrated her first Halloween in true Kardashian style with not one, not two, but three costumes, dressing up as a too-cute-for-words Raggedy Ann, a skeleton, and a lobster. Talk about a trifecta!

Happy early Birthday, Dream — you're the cutest!

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