Glee's Lea Michele and iZombie's Robert Buckley Are Set to Star in a New Hulu Series

Glee's Lea Michele and iZombie's Robert Buckley Are Set to Star in a New Hulu Series

Lea Michele & Robert Buckley Sort Of Instagram Official (July 2019).


Lea Michele just debuted new lighter hair, which we assumed was a fresh look for the summer season. Now we've learned that the former Glee star has a brand new show in the works, which might be the actual reason behind her experimenting a little with her style. Co-starring iZombie's Robert Buckley, the duo will be heading to Hulu for the series Dimension 404. Prepare yourself, fans, because this certainly ain't no Glee!

Possibly the opposite of a light-hearted musical, the six hour-long episodes of Dimension 404are a fictional take on the 404 message the Internet flashes when an error pops up. Lea will be playing Amanda, an ambitious gal who turns to a matchmaking site for a little dating help. Robert will play the lucky fellow who falls for her after an online date. Sweet? Maybe. Normal? Nope. What initially sounds like a possible rom-com takes a sharp turn toward the weird side of the web.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will have the dating duo taking on questions like, "What if an obscure cartoon held the secret to time travel? What if energy drinks caused the apocalypse? What if the NSA's top analyst was a gigantic, all-knowing cube of sentient meat named Bob?" Granted, most of us have a few nutso dating stories, not to mention experience with weird internet glitches, but this show intends to take it to the next level.

There are no deets yet on a release date, but fans of both Glee and iZombieare surely hoping the show's a success and that there'll be no 404 error when it hits the screens.

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