Hack Spring's Must-Have Braided Pony in Five Minutes Flat

Hack Spring's Must-Have Braided Pony in Five Minutes Flat



From mermaid braids to spiral braids, it's safe to say that knotted ‘dos are having a major moment. One of our fave styles is the side braid, because it's so versatile and incredibly chic at the same time. Not only can you wear the side braid to everything from work to a wedding, but it's also a look that'll have you looking fab in five minutes flat. We broke this totally doable ‘do down into three simple steps that'll have you mastering the style in no time.

We're huge fans of the 3D French braid (braiding underneath instead of on top), and for this style, the reverse braiding approach really makes your look pop! Begin by braiding your reverse braid on your favorite side and hang tight as we move on to the next step.

The easiest way to hack volume on a ponytail is to spritz a volumizing spray all over your locks and then tease at your crown for extra oomph. After that, secure your pony with a clear elastic.

Next, gently pull the hair at your crown of your head to create even more lift — this is key to achieving the depth this ‘do is known for.

Finally, pancake (AKA thicken up) that braid by tugging on each strand. After that, join it with your pony by placing it over your existing ponytail and wrapping another clear elastic band over your braid and ponytail together! Simple, right?!

So freaking cute! Now, pin your braid (or any strays) in place if needed. We love the multi-dimensional look and feel of this braided pony. Work it!

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Hair byMaritza Buelvas
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Modeling byKaitlyn of Sisters Marie