Here's the $20 Victoria's Secret Bra That Taylor Swift Loves

Here's the $20 Victoria's Secret Bra That Taylor Swift Loves

Victoria's Secret: Meet the Man Behind the $20M Show (July 2019).


It's always fun to keep up on what Taylor Swift is wearing, whether it's BF mystery-related outfits or rock ‘n' roll glam gorgeousness or even epic gothic chic. Even Tay's athleisure game is on-point, which is why the Internet immediately started squee-ing when she stepped out in a super stylish strappy sports bra. Totally flattering and undeniably cute, fans were googling their hearts out trying to track it down. Well, we have you covered, fitness-lovin' friends, because here's the (wildly affordable) sports bra that everyone wants.

The Strappy Plunge Sport Bra, Victoria's Secret's new addition to their sports line, is a fairly typical sports bra initially, offering support in a light and moveable fabric (polyester/spandex), but then takes it up a notch with three straps crossing the front, giving it more style than the average offering. Shown off on the VS website in perfectly vibrant pink, Tay chose the black version and matched it with black pants and a dark gray hoodie.

Good news: It's only $20! Bad news: It's currently sold out. Though considering the buzz Tay has ignited around this totally affordable and completely cute look, we're sure VS will be restocking A.S.A.P.

BUT WAIT! Victoria's Secret has a few other sporty options that are similar to the Strappy Plunge Bra and are just as friendly to your wallet.

With the straps moving from the front to the back, the Strappy Mesh-Trim Sport Bra ($20) is an equally awesome option.

With a few less straps, but just as stylish, the Lightweight by Victoria's Secret Strappy-Back Sport Bra ($25) could be just the look for you.

If you're not a strappy person, no worries! Ditch the lines and opt for more coverage (and support) with the High-Neck Mesh Sport Bra ($20).

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