Here's How to Style the Cobra Braid in 5 Minutes

Here's How to Style the Cobra Braid in 5 Minutes

Cobra Braid Side Ponytail | Cute Girls Hairstyles (July 2019).


Ahh, the cobra braid! It can look intimidating, like the boho crown braid (twists and turns and coils, oh my), but don't worry. This fierce look is totally doable and is also a seriously impressive hair hack you can style in five minutes flat with these easy-to-follow steps. Seriously, we broke this look down to its simplest form and are obsessed with the results. Slay one of spring's most coveted braids and work it like the fierce goddess you are!

Begin this look by creating a middle ponytail with the sides of your hair intentionally left out — those pieces will create the twists of this look.

Weave the remaining strand on the left side over your existing ponytail (to cover your hair elastic) and under your remaining right strand, as shown above.

Swing that same strand to the left again, looping it underneath so you can reverse the strand and tie it into a knot. Now, hold that knot in place by pinning it. We recommend crisscrossing your pins to give them extra holding power.

Repeat the same steps again on the other side.

Layer one strand underneath the other and then swing it back to the right in an underneath fashion, creating space to knot the strand once more.

Now, set your style by placing an elastic band at the base of our second completed knot. This step will keep your look polished and in place.

We love this look. Now that we're able to hack the cobra braid, we'll be rocking it 24/7!

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Hair by Maritza ofBeauty for Bloggers
Photography by Jennifer Coffey
Modeling byJenn of Cranberry Tantrums