I Used a Sock to Hack Emilia Clarke's Airbrushed Skin… and It Worked

I Used a Sock to Hack Emilia Clarke's Airbrushed Skin… and It Worked

Emilia Clarke Talks GoT's Full Frontal Male Nudity (July 2019).


A lot of makeup trends seem actually achievable IRL, like rainbow eyeshadow, that TSwift summer goth look and some new genius lipstick hacks. Yet, attaining that flawless, airbrushed skin of the stars (hello, Emilia Clarke) seems ever elusive. But no longer, thanks to… a sock. Yep, according to beauty vlogger Mayra Isabel of Mayra's Touch of Glam, a $6 pack of socks is the perfect beauty blender, and the only "tool" you need to get that enviable airbrushed-foundation look. Weird, right? Well, Mayra explained how she found this out and why you should try it too.

"The other day I was going through my socks and I noticed the ankle part was very soft. The texture of it felt very bouncy, it felt very thick," says Mayra. "I wanted to make sure I bought some [socks to apply foundation] that had very thick cushion on the ankle and were very, very soft." She's quite pleased with the finished product (we agree, her skin looks gorg). Mayra notes that there were no streaks in her foundation and that the sock helped her achieve the flawless, natural look she was going for.

If you're new to makeup or just don't want to spend that much money on a beauty tool, this hack sounds perfect for you. But is it too good to be true? That's where I come in. I decided to give this hack a try and see if a sock is really the key to flawless, natural-looking, celeb-perfect skin. Read below to see how my sock application turned out and learn how to try it out yourself.

Choose a soft, thick sock, turn it inside-out and roll or mold it into your desired shape. Just make sure that the heel or toe of the sock is exposed, since those are the thickest, bounciest parts of the sock. I went for a powder puff shape.

Use a dabbing motion to apply foundation to your primed face with the sock (I also went ahead and did my eye makeup before too). I primed my face with Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36), pumped L'Oréal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup ($13) onto the back of my hand and then used the sock to apply my foundation. You can also put foundation directly onto the sock — try out both ways to see which works better for you.

I was really impressed with the sock blender. Before I got started, I was worried about poor coverage due to the sock's absorbency, and also thought the sock's size would make it difficult to put foundation around my nose and eye area. That wasn't a problem at all, though. The sock gave me really natural, well-blended results, and the squishiness of the sock made it easy to quickly change and manipulate it's shape.

I decided to take this one step further and use the sock to apply my blush and highlighter. I usually have streaking problems when I apply my highlighter with my highlighter brush, but the sock blended everything beautifully and I didn't need to use any more product than usual.

Will I use the sock blender everyday? Probably not, but only because cleaning it is a little labor-intensive and requires either hand washing the sock or throwing it in the washer and dryer. BUT I will use it for when I want my skin to look exquisite and flawless, like special occasions or a major GNO.

What do you think about the sock blender trend? Is it worth a try or just too weird? Let us know on Twitter @feminineclub!