Justin Timberlake's Thoughts on Life As a Working Dad Are Every Parent

Justin Timberlake's Thoughts on Life As a Working Dad Are Every Parent

Justin Timberlake: How Being A Dad Changed Everything About My Music | TODAY (July 2019).


Being a working parent can be hard. Really hard. So hard, in fact, that even celebrity parents like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aren't immune to the pains of the work-life-balance struggle.

Mrs. Timberlake recently got candid about what it was really like being on the job (albeit while with child), and now, JT is sharing a few feelings of his own on the topic in new interviews with ETand the TODAYshow. In Cannes with co-star Anna Kendrick to promote their new movie Trolls, Justin says that while he keeps in touch with his wife and 13-month-old son Silas via Skype, it doesn't quite replace the real deal.

"It's probably gotten old… I've just been showing Anna videos over and over again," he told ET. "This is tough. I mean, Cannes film festival is amazing, but my son is everything."

He means it: Apart from making traveling difficult, at least on the old heartstrings, JT told TODAYthat his son has inspired some heavy reflection with regard to his career and lifestyle.

"You think about the next five years, and the next five years after that, and you think a lot about the lives that me and my wife lead — I wonder what privacy's gonna' mean in 20 years," he pondered. "Those are the questions that enter my mind for sure. But I think that's something that you don't have control over. I think the best thing I can do is try every day to give your kid perspective, so that they understand what it means and what it doesn't mean."

Justin goes on to say that Silas has even influenced the types of work projects he will accept — like Trolls, for instance. "Hopefully one day when he sees it, he'll be like, ‘yeah, that's my dad!'" he said.

Awwww, that's really sweet, JT! Now, if only he'd address those Britney reunion rumors!

Regardless, the pop star did tell both outlets that a new "official video" will likely be upon us within the next week: Eyes, officially peeled.

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