Kim Kardashian Uses Sister Kendall Jenner to Throw Shade at Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian Uses Sister Kendall Jenner to Throw Shade at Taylor Swift

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Kim Kardashian may have Kendall Jenner's back when it comes to the whole Pepsi ad controversy, but that doesn't mean she's also not fully willing to use her sister to throw a little shade at Taylor Swift.

It was a year ago now that Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift found themselves caught up in a he-said/she-said/she-said situation surrounding Kanye West's "Famous" and the related phone call and video that sparked a particularly nasty feud between the heavyweight celebs.

But when Kardashian appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohenthis week, an audience member asked if things had gotten awkward between she and her sister (or between Jenner and Swift) because of the "Famous" feud and the fact that Jenner is/was a member of Swift's #girlsquad.

The 36-year-old was quick to respond with, "I don't know if Kendall was a part of her squad, I don't think she was." The audience took this as shade thrown Tay's way (seriously, check out the look on the dude's face who asked the question!), though Kardashian merely shrugged and added, "I don't think it was awkward."

Revealing that she hasn't spoken to the "Bad Blood" singer since the infamous incident last year (merely shaking her head when asked if there's been any contact at all), it certainly seems like their awkward sitch is still simmering. And that's certainly not a good thing for Swift, who can't seem to keep her squad together or avoid feuds with other famous folks (*cough Katy Perry cough*).

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