Let Kourtney K. Intro to Your Next Famous Instagram Crush

Let Kourtney K. Intro to Your Next Famous Instagram Crush

Kim Kardashian Talks First Celeb Crush, Impersonates Kourtney & Spills All To Ellen (July 2019).


One by one, celebrities are caving to the social media pressures of our world, joining Instagram in rapid succession — first, it was the uber-funny Kristen Bell, then Halle Berry and, just two weeks ago, Taylor Lautner.

Now, there's another recognizable face blowing up Instagram, and she's been steadily flying under the radar, compiling a whopping 34 posts in just two weeks (that's a fast-learner, if we ever saw one!).

Likely on the scene to help promote her husband's new film Alice Through the Looking Glass(which is spurring some seriously cool makeup copycat vids), Isla Fisher is throwing her hat into the social media ring. Who tipped us off to her arrival? None other than Kourtney Kardashian.

The reality starlet encouraged us all to follow her famous "MILF" friend just this weekend, and we, for one, are SO glad that we did: Let's just say there's a reason that Isla is married to a comedian!

Case in point? Here she is, mocking her own style with the caption, "When the wind doesn't want you to look like a fatuous twat by wearing a fedora."

She strikes again with this hilarious snap of an overteased poodle, writing "Me heading out on date night. #thanksglamsquad."

Our fave shot by far, though, has got to be this fabulous picture of Isla just being Isla in a gorgeous pink gown with the gloriously honest statement, "I tried to be normal once. It lasted 2 minutes."

Hey, keep doing you, Isla. We're fans. Big ones.

Check out all of the actress's hilarity here.

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