Morning Buzz! Lisa Ling Shares the First Pics of Her Newborn Daughter + More

Morning Buzz! Lisa Ling Shares the First Pics of Her Newborn Daughter + More

The Story Continues: Modern Polygamy | Our America with Lisa Ling | Oprah Winfrey Network (July 2019).


From Lisa Ling's adorable new addition to Xtina's newly red tresses, we've got all the scoop you need this Tuesday morning: Check out the buzz below!

1. Lisa Ling becomes a mom twice over: Journalist Lisa Ling gave birth to her second baby girl last night, with daddy Paul Song posting this sweet photo of the newborn with mommy. Named Ray ("of light," as Paul pointed out) Ling Song, her arrival is especially happy news for the couple, who has admittedly struggled with pregnancy in the past — Lisa had two miscarriages before giving birth to her first daughter, Jett. "The miscarriages made me feel alone and defeated," she said to Today's Parent in 2014. "No matter how confident you are, they can really affect you." Lisa also took to Instagram, sharing this snap of big sister Jett holding Ray. Needless to say, we couldn't be happier for Lisa and Paul — congratulations, you two!!!

2.Christina Aguilera is a redhead: Christina has been killing the hair game lately (have you seen her pierced braid?), and she's just upped the stakes even further by dyeing her hair (or wig? She was rocking a bob just last month) THE It color of the summer. The songstress debuted her new locks on Instagram, and publicly at a concert for Hillary Clinton, where she was one of the night's performers. She's very much channeling Jessica Rabbit, we have to say; we're kind of digging this look on Xtina!

3. Maisie Williams rewrote a sexist headline about her in this totally badass way: Maisie Williams was NOT having The Daily Mail's choice of headline describing her presence at a fundraiser, which read "Unveiled: Game of Thrones Maisie Williams goes braless in sheer lace dress and quirky headdress at charity masquerade ball." Maisie (who happens to have the COOLEST YouTube channel) clapped back with a headline of her own, posting the following on her Twitter page: "Alternative. Game of Thrones actor, Maisie Williams, helps raise thousands at a summer masquerade ball for @NSPCC." Damn. Girl has finesse! (Photo via Stuart C. Wilson/Getty)

4. Hillary Clinton has likely just clinched the Democratic nomination: Though it's not quite official just yet (superdelegates do not officially vote until July 25), the presidential hopeful now has pledges from 2,384 delegates — one more than she needs to clinch the nomination. Bernie isn't giving up the fight, hoping to change some minds before voting time, but as things stand, Clinton will likely be the first woman to be nominated by a major party. Whoa. (Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)

5. People are obsessed with this video of grown adults vogue-ing with food: Featuring men and women offering up their best vogues with ordinary grocery products set to coordinating rapped tunes ("Chicken breast with that chest, give me all that mess!"), this video is quick becoming a fave on social media — it's been shared more than 20,000 times.

6. Quote of the day: "My personality has never been, ‘I'm such a feminist and follow me and be naked!' If you are conservative, and that's how you're comfortable, more power to you. You don't have to look at what I do." Kim Kardashian to Recode. (Photo via Jeff Spicer/Getty)

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