Morning Buzz! This The Hills News Could Be Every Fan's Dream Come True + More

Morning Buzz! This The Hills News Could Be Every Fan's Dream Come True + More

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On the heels of the sad, sad news that love is pretty much officially dead (first Taylor and Calvin, now Gigi and Zayn?) we've got a whole slewof morning buzz sure to cheer you up. From a rumored The Hills movie to a new Britney album, check out all the glorious scoop this AM has to offer below!

1. Drop Everything: A The Hills MOVIE may be on the way: Lauren Conrad had us practically giddy last week when she announced (first via an Instagram tease, then on Twitter) that she would be back in front of MTV's lens for an upcoming anniversary special. Now, E! is reporting that even though nothing is set in stone, there's "talks" of a potential reunion MOVIE. YASSSSSSSS! Sources say that MTV execs have approached the whole gang (including LC, Audrina, Whitney and Kristin) about doing the project, which would pick up with the ladies attending Audrina's upcoming nuptials. While there are still plenty of details to figure out (like if the show's stars will actually agree to do it), for now, the hope is enough! (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)

2. Britney Spears hints at a new album: …and the good news just keeps coming! Our favorite Vegas showgirl, Britney Spears, is also teasing some pretty big news. Recording a video with G-Eazy, she told E! that she's been "working on [a] project for a year and a half, almost two years, so it really means a lot to me. It's my baby!" What's more, the pop star said this new music will be a bit of a departure from the pop sound we've come to love. "It's a little more melodic," she said. "It's kind of chill." Can. Not. WAIT! (Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)

3. Channing Tatum goes to Harvard: If there was ever proof not to judge a book by its cover, it's Channing Tatum. The actor — the same guy responsible for bringing you all that beefcake action with Magic Mike LIVE — can now officially say he "went to Harvard." Wait, what? Don't worry gals — the handsome hunk is still acting. Channing was on hand at the prestigious Harvard Business School yesterday as a student (along with LL Cool J and basketball pros Paul Gasol and Chris Paul) of the school's executive education business of entertainment, media and sports program — in fact, he was yesterday's case study. "Participants shared ideas to help him innovate in the film industry," Harvard said on its Facebook page. Wow. We have to say, we're pretty impressed! Way to go, Channing! (Photo via @HarvardHBS)

4. This mom had the best reaction to having a boy when she expected a girl: Koto Nakamura and her husband Sina Niakansafy were in for the shock of their lives when Koto gave birth to a baby boy last week. Expecting a little girl after a scan at the 20-week mark, this photo of Koto's shocked face quickly went viral. The new family is thrilled with their new addition, regardless of sex, and the couple's photographer, Jes Jackson, told BuzzFeed news that "the support and stories of others that have been rolling in have been so great to read. I think we may have caused chaos around the world for pregnant women demanding a second or third scan for confirmation, though." We'll say!

5. NBA Stars read mean tweets: Your morning laugh comes from the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's "mean tweets" bit, this time with NBA stars like Shaq and Magic Johnson as the butts of the jokes. Enjoy! (Photo via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

6. Quote of the day: "Some people are old at 18 and some people are young at 90… time is a concept that humans created." Yoko Ono.

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