The Next Big Trend in Housing Is a Real-Life Episode of Friends

The Next Big Trend in Housing Is a Real-Life Episode of Friends

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We've all probably had a post-college roommate at some point or another (you can even use this app to help you find one) — especially those of us living in more metropolitan areas.

But what if we could take it back to your cozily decorated college dorm life and live in a whole community of people, Friends style (cause what WOULD happen if Friends took place in 2016 or beyond)?

That's exactly what the next big trend in housing, co-living, aims to find out.

Just what is co-living? Basically, it's college 2.0 — a (mostly) cheap, modest space with all the essentials that you could ever need, such as Wi-Fi, utilities and housekeeping. Its main draw, however, is its built-in sense of camaraderie. With so many built-in friends, you can rest assured that you'll always be able to borrow a cup of sugar, should you need it — you might even find your next committed Netflix partner!

NYC was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon, with facilities such as Pure House ("a global community of creative misfits and digital nomads") and Common, along with Los Angeles — its PodShare model (advertised as a "social network with a physical address") goes as far as to put its residents in the same room with what look like straight up bunk beds — a littttttle close for comfort if you ask us!

The trend has even made its way overseas, with London opening The Collective, unique in the sense that it uses a personality test to match up neighbors to like-minded people.

So is co-living for you? Well, according to PodShare, this type of living situation is best suited for "travelers, transitioners and temps" — probably not so much for those looking to settle down.

One thing's for sure: It'd definitely be an adventure!

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