Nike Is Now Offering at Least 8 Weeks of Paid Leave to All Employees

Nike Is Now Offering at Least 8 Weeks of Paid Leave to All Employees

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Thinking about having a baby? There's a whole lot more to consider these days than whether you want to move into a bigger place. In the US, there is no federally mandated maternity leave (shocking, right?!), and different rules depending on which state you live in. Although many companies have made some huge and progressive changes to their official maternity and parental leaves, news today is that Nike is taking it even further with the announcement that they will offer paid leave to all full-time employees at the arrival of their newest family members.

According to Reuters, Nike Inc. has updated and expanded its overall benefits program, offering birth mothers a minimum 14 weeks paid leave, with more available if it's determined to be "medically necessary" by a doctor. Previously, the company's benefit only covered the first six weeks after baby — which is akin to many employers in the US (although that's already generous by American standards because technically, there's no federal mandate that paid maternity leave should be required AT ALL).

Nikey's new policy extends to dads and adoptive parents, and ALL staffers who need time to care for a sick family member will get eight weeks paid leave, where before they got none. These new benefits are for staff working full time — that is, anyone putting in 30 hours a week or more — and the benefits start on your first day of work, so there's no waiting period! That is definitely one awesome way to have your workers' backs. We get the feeling Nike employees' overall happiness at work is about to increase by, well, a lot.

Here's looking at you, other companies.

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