The ONE Hair Color Every Celebrity Is Getting This Summer

The ONE Hair Color Every Celebrity Is Getting This Summer

The Glam'More Collection Chocolate & Blonde Hair Color (July 2019).


As summer starts to roll around there are a lot of changes that happen in the beauty + style realm. The sweaters get stashed away in favor of flirty sundresses, the foundation gets traded for tinted moisturizer and everyone's hair color tends to lighten up a bit. Traditionally, when celebs have undergone summer hair makeovers, they go from brunette to blonde or blonde to blonder (ahem, Taylor Swift). But this year, that's not the case. Instead, there is another hair color every celeb is opting for: red! Scroll on down to see the three different variations of the color ladies are loving this year.

If you're blonde itching for a change that's not brunette, this should be your go-to. It's definitely red but it still relies heavily on blonde highlights to soften up the look. Ashley Tisdale went to celeb stylist Kristin Ess for a super subtle shade of rose gold while Emma Roberts trusted her stylist Riawna Capri to give a little more saturation to this shade of "Desert Rose."

Whether you're a brunette itching for a change or a blonde looking to intensify your look, this rusty shade of red should do the trick. Brooklyn Decker and Brie Larson (both former blondes) do a stellar job showing off just how well this color can add bit more vibrancy and depth to the color without going overboard.

If you're more prone to trying out a rainbow hue than a natural-inspired shade, forget rusty red and dusty rose and go for Lily Collins ultra-bold version of the shade. It's definitely more of a punk rock/Hayley Williams sort of color, but it'd be a change for SURE.

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