People Are Calling This $35 T-Shirt Perfect (+ Where You Can Get It)

People Are Calling This $35 T-Shirt Perfect (+ Where You Can Get It)



Wardrobe staples can be deemed a lot of things, from basic to practical to downright necessary, and now we can add "perfect" to the list. There's a clothing co. that is making a tee that people are hailing as #flawless. Whether you're into on-trend fashion or are more into the lazy-girl style, this is the (totally affordable) shirt you need to nab.

At this point, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to improve upon something as simple as the t-shirt, but American Giant claims to have done just that with their new Premium Crew T ($35), which is earning itself a reputation as the must-have staple shirt for the summer. Just launched mere weeks ago, stores are already seeing serious back orders (in the thousands) of the super comfy shirt.

As the name suggests, it's a 100-percent-cotton crewneck option which is thicker than the average tee yet still created with a "soft slub fabric" that gives it the wanted draping. With a lengthening back seam detail and additional give at the bottom that offers you more options when it comes to styling, it's not as straightforward as it first seems.

We could totally see this working on its own for a friendly brunch with the girls, perhaps with a funky jacket or stylish scarf for the office and even with a few added accessories for the perfect casual date look.

The shirt is offered in sizes XS to XL, with shades of white, black, blue, a rosy pink and an army-like green, all made in the USA. All you have to do now is decide if you just need a white one, a black one or one of every color (at this price, we're pretty sure we know the answer to that one).

Also available for men (with more blue options and a brown but, sadly, minus the pink and green), and they're selling out fast. Guess everyone wants a piece of perfection!

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