Taylor Swift Just Crashed a Wedding for This Truly Heartwarming Reason

Taylor Swift Just Crashed a Wedding for This Truly Heartwarming Reason

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Newly single Taylor Swift is handling her breakup in what is pretty much the best way ever — by crashing a wedding for an unsuspecting couple. The singer has posted her first Instagram pics since it was confirmed by Calvin Harris that she and the musician have parted ways, and believe us when we say, they're pretty epic.

Cozying up to newlyweds Max Singer and Kenya Smith, you might think the couple was part of Taylor's normal squad from the photos (she DID make the best bridesmaid ever, after all), but no — as it turns out, Taylor made a surprise appearance at the request of the groom's sister, who shared her family's sweet story with the star back in April.

Max actually wed his wife prior to their wedding in a hospital room so that his dying mother could be in attendance. He danced with his mom to Taylor's Blank Space, and though she has since passed away, Max's sister Ali wrote a letter to Taylor requesting her presence at their actual ceremony.

And wouldn't you know it, Taylor delivered: Big time. "Third wheel," she jokingly writes on this snap of her and the happy couple.

She later performed her hit single accompanied with only a piano, as can be seen in the vid below.

Never one to be rude, Taylor also showed up with a handmade cardemblazoned with the couple's names and Blank Space lyrics, reading, "So it's gonna' be forever."

Okaayyyy, we're just going to come right out and say it: Taylor Swift is the GD BEST. Your loss, Calvin (maybe he thinks so too? Fans spotted him liking the pics)!

Either way, we have a sneaking suspicion our girl's gonna' be just fine.

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