Taylor Swift's New Side Gig May Surprise You

Taylor Swift's New Side Gig May Surprise You

Taylor Swift Debuts "New Year's Day" (July 2019).


Taylor has been making the most of her time since her split with Calvin Harris, crashing weddings, ruling the world and the like. Now, fans have discovered her latest post-breakup venture: making greeting cards.

Papyrus has confirmed via social media that T Swift is collaborating with the paper company on a line of cards. Oh. Em. GEE! While we're super pumped, we can't say we're TOO shocked: Girl has been know to make a good DIY or two in her day (like this awesome embroidered sweatshirt she made for herself). While details are still somewhat fuzzy — "All we can say is this is just the beginning," the paper giant teased in response to a fan via Instagram — the cards, at least, are now available for purchase.

Better still, the ever-charitable singer will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity, because Taylor Swift.

Seen here in the fan photos, the cards are everything you dreamed they would be and more, with glitter, bedazzling and, of course, CATS! After all, Tay is an old pro by now — she did a similar collab with American Greetings back in 2009.

Wishing sentiments of positivity — "You are actual sunshine," one reads, along with the usual suspects (birthday wishes, etc.) — Tay's cards are the perfect way to brighten someone's day by telling them how great you think they are or by simply saying hello.

"My idea of a great song is a song that says how I feel better than I could," Taylor has previously said. "I feel the same way about greeting cards."

We, for one, are supes impressed.

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