This Is How Much It Will Cost You to Own the Original Full House Home

This Is How Much It Will Cost You to Own the Original Full House Home

'Full House' Property for Sale For How Much? (July 2019).


Forget trying to get the nostalgic feel of the Full House home (although we've outlined how, should you be interested): Turns out, you can buy the real deal! Well… sort of.

Though the show's interior (used for most of its scenes) is actually a sound stage, the Tanner home's famous façade, used only in the opening credits to show location, is up for grabs, but it'll cost you — to the tune of a cool $4,150,000. Yowza! That's one fat stack of cash.

Located at 1709 Broderick Street in San Fran, this three bed, 3.5 bath Victorian beaut has been thinly veiled with an exterior paint job, but there's no denying that it is, in fact, the originally red-doored tri-level we all grew up with.

The interior, however, is not one you're likely to recognize, remaining a mystery until now. Here's your first peek at its core.

1. Entryway: The entryway stairs are a far cry from the balcony-style stairs so many Full House scenes have played out on, but are lovely, just the same.

2. Kitchen: Hold the bus — we think that table's missing a few chairs, to say the least!

3. Bedroom: Not quittttte as kid friendly as Uncle Jesse's upstairs domain.

4. Guest Room: We can almostimagine this as Tommy's nursery if we use our imagination, but still there's something… missing.

5. Living Room: We've got it now: NO PLAID BLUE COUCH.

Tsk, tsk. What would Danny Tanner say?

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(h/t E!, photos via @fullerhouse and Edward Deleski/Realtor)