This Is the Only Work Hairstyle You'll Need This Summer

This Is the Only Work Hairstyle You'll Need This Summer



Making it to work in one piece is hard enough when you stayed up too late binge watching How to Get Away With Murder.#nojudgement. But add 100-degree weather and humid conditions, and you've got yourself a bad case of frizz that's far from manageable. So what's a girl boss to do when the heat is killer but there are only a precious few minutes to spare before go time? That's where the boxer braid hairstyle comes into play. Whether you have long bountiful curls or a short-and-sweet lob, this tomboy-friendly ‘do is the anti frizz hair trick you need in your life ASAP. See how nine Instababes are rocking the trend below.

1. French Braids: Amp up any ensemble, from your workout duds to your boardroom best, with two neatly braided plaits. Recreate the look with two French braids secured with clear plastic wraps for a tight, structured style.

2. Short and Pretty: Short-haired girls, rejoice! This too-cute ‘do is stylish enough for your AM meeting. Bonus points for wearing it with straight, blunt bangs.

3. School-GirlBraids: Whoever said pigtails were for kids had obviously never seen this style. Pair these put-together braids with your go-to power suit for major I-got-this vibes.

4. Summer Strands: In case you haven't noticed, this ‘do is super versatile, perfect for corporate gigs and beach days alike. On casual Fridays, wear the style with a summery frock and fun sunnies, then rock your braids the next day when you're bummin' on the sand with your girls.

5. Messy Braids: Embrace your flyaways by loosely braiding your hair like this fashion blogger. Kick the look up a notch with a berry lip and bold-and-beautiful brows.

6. Minimalist Boxer: Let your highlights shine by braiding your strands into two tight plaits. Strut a bare face for simple-yet-chic vibes and a decidedly HR-approved look.

7. Sleek Braids: After-work drinks are a must when you're rocking these stylish braids. Apply hair serum and separate your hair down the middle for a sleek and shiny finish.

8. Throwback Chic: Incorporate an age-old trend into your '90s look with a choker and a column dress. Working with a stricter dress code? Play it safe by adding a structured blazer to the mix.

9. Tomboy Style: Looking for a slightly edgier take on this look? Take your ‘do to the next level by tugging pieces of your braids to achieve extra volume.

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