This Is the Surprising Household Item That This Beauty Blogger Uses to Get Awesome Curls

This Is the Surprising Household Item That This Beauty Blogger Uses to Get Awesome Curls

My Top Curly Hair Hacks (Tips & Tricks) (July 2019).


We LOVE a great balloon DIY, but we never would have thought of using the party essential as a beauty tool. Until now, that is! It might not be the strangest hair device ever, but balloons are the styling tool of choice for beauty vlogger Tina Lee, the mastermind behind Makeup Wearables. She admits her beauty hack is "weird," but her ingenious invention (surely cool enough to rival this game-changing no-color hair color hack) involves little more than a whole bunch of balloons and your hair to get THE perfect curl without the use of heat. That's riggghhhttt: Beautifully curled tresses with No. Heat. *praise hands emoji*

All the curl with none of the damage? We're so on board. Bonus? It's SUPER simple. Basically, all you have to do is wrap your tresses around small, lightly blown-up balloons — you can just imagine they're fun, colorful curlers — and leave them in overnight. That's. It.

But won't they pop? And what about dreaded (gasp!) static? Don't worry — as Lee assures, "barely blown up balloons are very hard to pop" and "no, it won't cause static, we're doing it on damp hair. Did my hair look frizzy?"

The hassle-free hack can easily fit into your pre-bedtime routine and shouldn't take more than five minutes. "If you incorporate my favorite hair mask with these heatless, voluminous soft curls, you'll find that the curls turn out extra shiny. Since your hair is more hydrated, the curls tend to come out less frizzy and more long lasting," explains Lee, who swears by St. Tropica's Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask (from $9).

Once the mask is set, wash it out (Lee recommends washing it twice, actually) and let your hair dry — this hack won't work on soaking wet hair.

First, you'll want to tie your locks up in a neat ponytail. Grab your balloons and inflate each one to the size of a small peach — this will ensure they won't pop while you sleep (phew!).

Separate your pony into sections, spritz each one with your water bottle (think damp, not saturated) and wrap it around a balloon. Using a bobby pin, fasten the tips of your hair together on top of the balloon, then use another one to secure the hair underneath to your head. Repeat this with every section, and then? It's off to bed for you! As soon as you wake up, you can take the balloons out, run your fingers through your hair and voila! Effortless curls. Easy-peasy, right?

It almost sounds too good to be true, but if Lee's tutorial vid is any indication, it totally works! See for yourself below.

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