This Is What Craft Night With Amy Schumer Looks Like

This Is What Craft Night With Amy Schumer Looks Like

Inside Amy Schumer - Compliments - Uncensored (July 2019).


Amy Schumer may be anti-selfie right now, but she certainly has no problem creating art for her fans in other forms: Just check out the painting night she put together in our roundup of the most creative ‘n' craftin' celebs of the week! Also serving up some serious inspiration right now is Sarah Jessica Parker (who gives dad Chris Hemsworth a run for his money in the baking department with her own cake creation), and Courtney Sixx, who will intro you to your next DIY beauty obsession.

1. Amy Schumer: Amy assembled quite the artistic crew when she came together with Julia Stiles, Amber Rose and Amber Tamblyn for her show Inside Amy to create some, uh, colorful masterpieces. Hey, who are we to criticize art? (via @amyschumer)

2. Tiffani Thiessen: Tiffani not only cooks her own meals, they're homegrown as well, as she proved with this snap of fresh radishes from her garden. "[Okay] radishes," she says, "What am I going to do with you today?" (via @tiffanithiessen)

3. Courtney Sixx: Courtney not only created three favorite at-home summer facials, she's showing you how to DIY step-by-step via her blog, The How2Girl! (via @how2girl)

4. Sarah Jessica Parker: Not to be outdone by Chris Hemsworth and his epic dino-shaped cake, SJP baked this beautiful dolphin creation for her kids' annual spring fair bake sale. We'd definitely give her first prize! (via @sarahjessicaparker)

5. Krysten Ritter: Jessica Jones actress Krysten Ritter is in trouble, and even her Marvel coworkers may not be able to save her: This yarn junkie just found "the cutest yarn store in NYC. Obviously now I want EVERYTHING," she says. (via @therealkrystenritter)

6. Tori Spelling: The newly (re!) engaged mom of four ditched the cake in favor of birthday cake donuts to celebrate her own 43rd. Um, yum? (via @torispelling)

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(Featured Photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)