This ModCloth Bride's City Hall Wedding Is Old School Cool

This ModCloth Bride's City Hall Wedding Is Old School Cool

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No two love stories are the same, so no two weddings should be, either. The greatest wedding inspiration comes from real couples who choose to do their big day their way.They're hanging on to the traditions they love, but saying "no thanks" to the ones they can do without. They're hosting blissed-out bachelorette weekends filled with mimosa brunches, ziplining and whiskey tasting. They're choosing to have a courthouse ceremony, followed by a reception brimming with personal touches (hello, spiked lemonade stand and yarn ball bouquet!). We're so excited to share their stories with Feminine Club, and we hope to inspire new and chic ways to make your big day totally incredible and totally you.

To kick off our ModCloth True Love Stories series, we're featuring real couples like Amy and Forest, who celebrated their wedding in incredibly special and unique ways. These LA-based lovebirds are originally from Pittsburgh, PA, have a knack for superb style, a love rooted deeply in friendship (and brunch), and some heartwarming advice for anyone beginning their wedding-planning process. Scroll on for all the sweet deets.

How did you two meet?

Forest and I originally met way back in high school. We happened to reconnect after college at a dive bar in the North Hills, just outside of Pittsburgh, called The Highland. From there, we exchanged info on MySpace (it was that long ago) and have been together ever since!

How do you two complement each other? How are you different?

Forest and I are alike in a lot of ways: we both love adventures, laughter and the beach. He is definitely the go-with-the-flow one in the relationship, and I'm the over-planner, so we balance each other nicely. He has taught me to live in the moment, and we're fully taking advantage of West Coast living.

What inspired your wedding day style?

We stayed true to our personal style, but we added some special-day flair! My look was inspired by classic pieces and an effortless feel. I especially loved these Betsey Johnson statement heels! Forest wore a fitted Bonobos suit with one of his favorite shirts underneath.

How did you celebrate after the ceremony?

After our wedding, we danced the night away with our family and friends. We also attended a Steelers game the weekend we were in the ‘Burgh!

What do you value most about your relationship?

True friendship. We love spending time together and are each other's companions. We also really like brunch.

Any tips for new couples, newlyweds or those planning a wedding?

Stay cool. Nothing is worth stressing over. You want to be able to enjoy your time as an engaged couple, not worry over little details. Do what feels right for the two of you; don't let outsiders persuade you with their plans!

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