This Rainbow Garden Looks Like a Dream but You Can Visit It IRL

This Rainbow Garden Looks Like a Dream but You Can Visit It IRL

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While you're working away on your succulent container gardens and mini mason jar gardens, some other folks are taking their green-thumb talents to a whole new level. We're talkin' out-of-this-world, totally surreal, miracle-like gardens. Or rather, one miracle garden in particular: that's right, THE appropriately dubbed "Miracle Garden."

Located in Dubai, where all sorts of surreal things come to life, the Miracle Garden is 18 acres of colorful living splendor. With around 70 different kinds of flowers carefully cared for to produce millions of blooms each season, visiting the garden is surely an experience you would never forget, not to mention the ULTIMATE floral Instagram fodder.

Also boasting the highest flower pyramid and the longest flower wall in the world, as well as a butterfly garden, it's seriously dreamy.

Currently closed to avoid the United Arab Emirates' scorching summer, you can drop by the Miracle Garden from October to April, which gives you just enough time to save up and book your tickets to flowery Heaven-on-Earth.

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