This Reality Star Went on a Date With Her Uber Driver — Should You?

This Reality Star Went on a Date With Her Uber Driver — Should You?



Recently, Real Housewives alum Brandi Glanville mentioned that she went out with her Uber driver, who was "French and very cute." But asking out someone who is trapped in a confined space with you and may or may not have your home address can be a tricky situation. Dating expert and author Susan Winter has tips on what to do if you find yourself drawn to your driver — and what to do if you're not.

1. Learn more about them. "You can begin by asking why he's driving," says Winter. "Most people enter this line of work as a means to support another dream: artists, musicians, athletes, students and entrepreneurs." Try to find out more: "What are [their] life goals? Where do [their] interests lie? This is a fertile topic that opens real dialogue and reveals much about the inner person behind the wheel."

2. Look for visual cues. It's all in the body language, says Winter. "The single key factor I'd be looking for is general disposition," she says. "[Are they] warm? Attentive? …Open and relaxed?" She goes on to tell us, "Disposition is the unique factor through which all personal characteristics are filtered. A generally agreeable and positive attitude is key to having a workable relationship."

3. Use these cues to find out his motivations. There's a big difference between being just nervous and being sketchy, she says. "Do [they] make eye contact with you when not driving? But more importantly, do you feel comfortable in [their] presence? How you feel around [them] speaks volumes for [their] personality and ability to connect," she points out.

4. Ensure your safety. What if you don't want to go out with them? They've got your home address and your information; they know what you look like. Don't fret, says Winter. "Fortunately, [they] work for a company that relies upon your input to evaluate their drivers. Should you feel uncomfortable, you can remind [them] that you do have recourse to contact the parent company and that [their] behavior is violating their Code of Conduct. Is harassing you worth the loss of [their] job?" Of course, if you ever feel unsafe in your cab, don't hesitate to call for help.

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