This Teen Is Recreating All of Taylor Swift's Most Memorable Outfits

This Teen Is Recreating All of Taylor Swift's Most Memorable Outfits

Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift (parody) | Niki and Gabi (July 2019).


Taylor Swift might be on a bit of a bumpy road right now after her breakup with Calvin Harris, but she's still managing to bring happiness to her fans all over the world. Whether surprising a couple by showing up and performing at their wedding or rousing teens to tackle their own creations, Tay is great at inspiring those who love her and her music.

The perfect example of this is 18-year-old Lotte Lutjes. This Netherlands-based teen is taking her fandom to an A+ fashionable degree by recreating every one of the pop-star's most memorable outfits. Building each look from scratch, from figuring out the designs and cutting the fabric to putting it all together and topping it off with Tay-like makeup and hair, Lotte is a superstar "Swiftie."

Her bio states, "I just love Taylor Swift and cats and glitter a lot. Mostly Taylor." And that's not hard to believe when you take a quick peek at her pics.

She told the Huffington Post, "I loved making and wearing the outfits so much that I just kept going, also because of the positive comments I received from lots of other fans!" Those comments include, "You're so talented omg" and "THIS IS INCREDIBLE." The teen, who you might have noticed resembles her pop-star idol, slays every style.

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