This Woman's DIY Grilling Fail Is All of Us

This Woman's DIY Grilling Fail Is All of Us

FUNNY COOKING FAILS [TNT Channel] (July 2019).


Whether you're a culinary whiz or a cooking novice (takeout, anyone?), at one point or another, you've probably encountered a massive food fail. But that's okay: You can certainly take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Even celebs like Hilary Duff don't always get it right (see her sad grilled cheese pan for proof)!

No one embodied what it's like to have that moment of defeat in the kitchen (or on a grill) better than a woman who documented her own attempt at burgers via Snapchat, however, reminding us all that with every "fail" comes an opportunity to make lemonade (or a crop top) Beyoncé style — which, in this case, is the fact that her story went viral because it's absolutely hilarious.

While the full thread is rather lengthy (15 posts in all over a period of two hours), the highlights below should give you the jist of her struggle.

Though she begins innocently enough, "Girls can do it too… I got this," she writes, it isn't long before all hell breaks loose.

Uh oh. Sounds like someone's having some technical difficulties! Though she eventually manages to get the fire under control and her burger onto the grill, the hits just keep on coming.

Eventually, she doeswind up with food. It's just not exactly the size she thought it would be.

Or the consistency.

The hilarity ends with the woman waving her white flag over the grill.

We can SO relate, girl. But good on you for handling it like a champ with your wicked sense of humor! That's a real win in and of itself.

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