Watch Fergie Give Herself a Super Chic Summer Haircut

Watch Fergie Give Herself a Super Chic Summer Haircut

Gwen Stefani - Luxurious ft. Slim Thug (July 2019).


Those following @fergie on Instagram were in for a big shock last week when the singer posted a teaser video in which she not only cut off 13 inches of her own hair á la VS angel Taylor Hill — 13 inches! — she did it herself. And on camera, no less!

Simply captioning the vid "3…2…1…" Fergie's mini vid shows off her freshly shorn locks prior to a flashback of the moment they were actually snipped.

Now, her hairstylist, Andy Lecompte, is telling SELF magazine that the moment was all real — and all Fergie Ferg. Following a wig trial of sorts for the cover of her upcoming album, Andy said that the singer loved the look so much, she reached for the shears and took care of business — a Gina Rodriguez-style empowering move if we ever saw one!

"I typically just trim Fergie's hair and throw in some layers so this was a big change for her," he told the outlet.

Andy does concede that while Fergie did most of the hacking, he did help by cleaning up her lines with added shorter layers in the back. "It is an asymmetric cut when styled to the side, but if you part it down the middle you have more of an A-line bob," he told SELF, adding "It's kind of a Debbie Harry look."

Also adding in brunette bottom layers for contrast, Fergie's hair is now officially summer-ready: Proof is in the picture below!

Looking fierce, girl!

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