We Asked an Expert If You Can REALLY Use Onion As a Zit Zapper

We Asked an Expert If You Can REALLY Use Onion As a Zit Zapper

No More Unicorn, with Dr Pimple Popper (July 2019).


Instagram can be a really weird place for beauty inspo, and just about everything else too. Right now, beauty IGers are using everything (and we mean everything — like using deodorant on your face) to primp. But amidst the really bad beauty advice (seriously, DO NOT use baking soda for dark under eye circles), there are some hacks that make you think, "Hmm, that just might be kooky enough to work," like getting flawless foundation application with a sock. Yes, a gym sock. That's exactly what I thought when vlogger Arzo suggested using onion juice to get rid of those annoying pimples that pop up around your mouth and achieve totally blemish-free skin à la your fave celebs.

Toronto-based Arzo uses the juice of an onion as a zit zapper in this vid, and it seems to work. Just to be sure I didn't end up with some serious pimple scars, I asked Julie Clark, holistic skincare specialist and the founder of organic skincare line Province Apothecary, for her expert advice.

Unlike baking soda or Mr. Clean products (this is an actual hack on IG — yikes!), onion extract is actually safe for your face. Onions contain a one-two-three punch as a beauty product: The juice of the onion has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities that help reduce redness and swelling, while the sulphur in onions is great for treating skin diseases and the extract has a healing effect on scars, due to its ability to control collagen production (AKA no scarring on your pretty face).

To tap into this zit-zapper, grate a sliver of onion to release the extracts and apply liberally to your pimple throughout the day (Arzo applied the onion juice six times).

If applying onion juice multiple times sounds like a lot of work, and you're looking for a simpler remedy, Julie recommends Province Apothecary's new Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment ($28). It contains turmeric, the latest hip skincare ingredient, which zaps pimples.

"If you don't have an essential oil spot treatment, try using a small amount of honey on your pimples. It also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties," says Julie. "I also love using clay to help calm pimples. Clay is mineral-rich and it helps draw out any infection and oil build up, as well as calm the redness and inflammation."

Julie also recommends whipping up your own turmeric and honey spot treatment or bentonite clay spot treatment.

And while these after-the-fact remedies are great, preventing pimples from popping up in the first place is even better. "I suggest washing your face every night and exfoliating every three days to help prevent pimples," says Julie. Well, that sounds simple enough. Now we're off to rummage through our fridge and spice drawer.

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