You Can Now Take a Totally Free Trip to Europe to Work on a Creative Project

You Can Now Take a Totally Free Trip to Europe to Work on a Creative Project

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With summer looming just around the corner, we're finding ourselves dreaming about taking some sort of epic vacay almost daily. Whether it's a luxe stay IN the Eiffel Tower or checking out all the art in Berlin, Europe tends to continually make its way to the top of our wish list. However, if an epic Eurotrip is on your bucket list but not in your budget, there still might be a way to make it happen. Rail Europe is offering a totally free, weeklong trip through France and Switzerland for someone working on a creative project.

What kind of creative project? Almost anything, TBH. On the contest page, Rail Europe writes, the project can be "a book, essays, a photography collection, building your influencer audience on Instagram or another social channel, a video series [or] a documentary." If you think riding on some of the most world's most scenic trains would be conducive to your project, enter anyway!

Rail Europe will fly you to Paris, where you'll enjoy a day of classic Parisian activities like taking a stroll along the Seine, window-shopping in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and dining at a classic Parisian brasserie. From there, you'll hop on board a train and move through Lyon, Avignon, Lake Geneva, Broc and Lucerne, making a bunch of stops along the way (including a visit to a cheese-making and chocolate factory). There will also be a videographer there to capture your creative trip!

Sold? Enter by creating an entry on your blog or website explaining why you want a chance to take this train trip to work on your creative project. Enter by June 15 for your chance to hop on board this dream vacay.

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