You'll Never Believe the Wacky Product Khloe Kardashian Uses to Get Stronger Nails

You'll Never Believe the Wacky Product Khloe Kardashian Uses to Get Stronger Nails



Workout queen Khloe Kardashian‘s beauty regimen is on point:When it comes to hair, makeup and the like, girl really knows her stuff. Lately, she's been dishing all of her secrets for looking flawless, like how to painlessly transition your foundation for summer, over on her app, and frankly, we can't get enough: It just may be our favorite Kardashian app yet (#sorrynotsorry, Kendall and Kylie).

Her latest beauty hack had us scratching our heads, however, as Khloe revealed the surprising cream she trusts to make her nails strong AF, and for good reason too: When you're constantly damaging your nails with polish or even acrylics and gels like Khloe does, you have to give them a little extra TLC to ensure they stay well-moisturized and strong. Since we all know how AHHHmazing her next-level manicures always look, we were all ears to hear how she does it.

As it turns out, regular nail and cuticle creams alone don't quite do the trick for Khloe, who instead has been turning to a more… unexpected product.

Citing Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream ($17) as her nail go-to, trust us when we say: This isn't your ordinary nail cream. So, what is it that's so special about this magic stuff? As Barielle explains on its site, the cream's creators and husband-and-wife equestrian aficionados first concocted the cream in search of something to "strengthen their horses' hooves to resist splits and cracks." Wait — say whattttt? Khloe is using horse creamon her nails? YES. As the creators soon discovered, their magic formula "had the same effect on the nails of the jockeys that applied it." Uhhh, we'll take a whole case, please!

While the company recommends applying it twice a day (above nail-polish is a-okay), Khloe says she uses it more. "I keep a jar in my car, in my bathroom and even in my gym bag," she shares on her site.

Claiming to be "the perfect solution for any splitting, dry, brittle or breaking nails," the cream has us more than intrigued: Khloe's stunning manis are all the proof that we need that this stuff works.

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