You Need to Know This Celeb Hairstylist's No-Heat Beach Wave Hacks

You Need to Know This Celeb Hairstylist's No-Heat Beach Wave Hacks

Celebrity Hairstylist Ashley Streicher on How to Get Heat-free Waves | Byrdie (July 2019).


With summer mere days away, our style is heating up — and so is the weather. This time of year, it's especially appealing to avoid using heat on your hair to style it. There's nothing worse than being hot and having to deal with a hot hair tool — trust me.

We caught up with Sarah Potempa, celeb hairstylist (to peeps like Reese Witherspoon!) and inventor of the Beachwaver S1 ($129) (confession: It's the only thing I use to curl my hair) to chat about how to achieve beachy summer waves without the heat. Read on for two hacks Sarah shared with us that will have your hair looking fab without risking the damage of hot tools.

To avoid breaking out a curling iron, try styling your hair overnight. After washing your hair, put it in one or two buns on the top of your head. "Use a product like a flexible mousse so your hair can set while you sleep," Sarah said. "Always twist the buns away from your face so you can wake up with a loose, messy wave like after a day at the beach." You can apply the same concept to next-level braids — a knotty style that will give your hair an undeniable edge. "Double French braids will give your hair a more textured style," she explained. "Remember to keep the braids loose so the wave is not too tight."

If you're looking to give your hair some extra oomph — and a back-from-the-beach vibe — Sarah recommends dousing your locks in dry shampoo before you braid it. You would usually reserve this kind of product for the oily roots of your hair, but this hack involves spraying the length of your strands too. Your hair will have a slightly gritty texture that will make a braid appear thicker and more textured. Consider using my weird dry shampoo hair hack to take your hair to the next level — I swear by it for looks like this.

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(Feature photo via @sarahpotempa)